Question: Does home ownership harm productivity and undermine the economy?

The Ultimate Guide to Marriage and Money: free e-book


Having a personal finance system in place is huge for being able to sustain a business.

Centsei is releasing their first e-book entitled “The Ultimate Guide to Marriage and Money” publically.

Inside you’ll get 10 Money Cheatsheets:

1. The Top 13 Questions You Need to Ask Your Spouse About Money This Weekend

2. The 5 Bank Accounts Every Marriage Should Have

3. The 10 Categories That Are ‘Must Have’ in Your Budget

4. 10 Ways to Make Legitimate Side Hustle Income

5. The 10 Easiest Ways to Cut Your Expenses

6. The 10 Credit Cards You Should Get and in What Order

7. The 3 Most Important Steps to Take Before you Begin Investing, Buy a Home, or Invest in Real Estate

8. 10 Live-By Principles to Begin Investing

9. The 8 Books on Personal Finance and Investing Every Married Couple Should Read

10. 10 Rules for Buying Your First Home

If you want the ebook, click here.

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