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The Best of Mormon Life Hacker 2011: Yours & Ours


Mormon Life Hacker has been around since 2006, though on a hiatus from early 2007 until mid-2010. Because of that, 2011 is the first full single year the MLH has been in operation. It’s been an awesome year, thanks to all of you.

Your 5 Favorite MLH Posts of 2011:

These are based on your visits and comments.

  1. How to Put LDS Scriptures (& other apps) on Kindle Fire
  2. How to Create a Simple Genealogy Chart
  3. How to Watch BYU Football on Your TV Without Cable
  4. Google+ for Mormons: LDS Ways to Use Google Plus [guide]
  5. Message Boards and Forums for Beginners

Tevya’s Favorite MLH Posts of 2011:

A lot of people think that I’m “the Mormon life hacker” or that this is a blog I do. If you’re one of those, you should know aware that we have several other excellent contributing authors, that make frequent posting of LDS themed life-hacks possible. My thanks and respect to them. Because we don’t make money off MLH, and all must work “regular jobs”, I didn’t have a chance to get their input on the “staff picks.” So here’s my favorites that weren’t among your favorites. Many were written by these authors, and you, our readers. Or were made meaningful by your comments and interaction.

What Are Your Favorites From 2011?

If you like MLH and want us to continue, please, please comment below and tell us your favorite posts, what you like most about MLH, and/or how a post has helped you out. Comments and feedback are our reward for the time and effort we devote to Mormon Life Hacker. Here’s to you, we hope you had an awesome 2011!

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