is a free service of Happiily, a company that specializes in software that helps companies and manager provide a safe, anonymous way for employees to provide feedback and thoughts on their work, work environment, boss, etc. Essentially they act as a buffer. If a company were to internally provide a solution that let their employees login to submit feedback “anonymously,” employees wouldn’t trust it, and bosses or “higher ups” might be tempted to look and see who said what.

Happiily solves that by being the middle-man or buffer. They guarantee the privacy of the employees, and provide helpful tools including employee-made polls, etc.

To promote their service, they provide Tell Your Boss Anything as a free service. All you have to do is setup an account and send whatever message you would like to your boss. Your boss is then encouraged to sign up for a free account as well. After a certain volume, your boss will be encouraged to upgrade to a paid plan to continue.

Our local Church leaders, being human (as are all our earthly leaders), make mistakes, miss important things, or are purposely excluded by other people for various reasons. All these things lead to them make mistakes, not fully understand a situation or how a certain person feels. Most of the time, it’s no problem to just pull them aside or schedule an interview. However, sometimes the nature of the situation makes it difficult, or would make your life difficult, if you were to do so. Yet you feel like you must do the right thing.

Now you can Tell Your Bishop Anything (or Stake President, or Relief Society President, or other local leader) anonymously, and privately. All you need is their email address. If they choose not to sign-up to view your message, you’re given an opportunity to input the email address of their “superior” to escalate it to that person.

What do you think? Is it a useful tool for your local ward, branch, or stake?