VIDEO: Watch HEART OF AFRICA at the LDS Film Festival (Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020 at 7:30 pm)

VIDEO: HEART OF AFRICA Feature Film Opening March 13

A Congolese man runs from a terrible accident and finds himself at a revolutionary camp, where he is told that he has a great destiny. He tries to escape by going to another town, joining a religion, becoming a missionary. Ultimately, though, he finds himself back in the very place he tried to leave. He must face his fears and his shame, but also his magnificent possibilities.
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Lord soldiers younger LDS Mormon

Military service and the Church

Elder Nelson ran into his cousin the first week of serving in the Kentucky Louisiville Mission after his time in the Missionary Training Center. His family didn’t even know his cousin was there for his Army training. Elder Nelson will be serving in his cousin’s ward and they blessed the sacrament together. This was a wonderful tender mercy for Elder Nelson and his family.
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