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One of the best ways to teach gospel principles is to use metaphors and analogies. Every missionary uses the hand in the glove analogy to talk about the spirit and the body, or the cups analogy when describing the importance of apostolic authority that was lost during the time period often referred to as “The Apostasy.” But are these really good metaphors for teaching gospel principles?

In a special two part podcast of the LDS MissionCast, Dr. Taylor Halverson, Teaching and Learning Consultant at BYU, teaches how to best use metaphor and analogy to teach the gospel. In the second part, Dr. Halverson introduces the concept of becoming a learning designer as opposed to a teacher. In this episode we are taught the way to change our approach to gospel instruction with the notion that “talking is not teaching.” The encouragement is to become a “Learning Designer” where we are more focused on how to create educational experiences where individuals experience for themselves the gospel in action, and spend less time worried about what we need to “say” or “teach.”

Music for these episodes comes from April Meservy who’s music was featured by the Canadian Figure Skating pair that won a Gold Medal in the 2018 Winter Olympics, as well as a winner of an audience choice award at the LDS Film Festival in 2018.

April Meservy LDS MissionCast

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Part 1: Teaching the Gospel with Analogy and Metaphor

Part 2: Talking is Not Teaching

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