How Great Will Be Your Joy By Elder Ronald A. Rasband Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Summary of How Great Will Be Your Joy by Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles | October 2023 General Conference


Elder Ronald A. Rasband’s talk revolves around the importance of seniors serving as missionaries in the ongoing gathering of Israel, a concept highlighted by President Russell M. Nelson.

Here are five key points from his message:

  1. The Gathering of Israel: Elder Rasband emphasizes the gathering of Israel as the most crucial event on earth today. This gathering is about bringing God’s children together in the last days to receive blessings and promises of eternity.
  2. Need for Senior Missionaries: He addresses the shortage of missionaries, particularly senior couples, to fulfill the requests worldwide. He recounts an experience in 2015 when only 10 senior couples were available to fill 300 requests, emphasizing the pressing need for more senior missionaries.
  3. Qualifications and Desire to Serve: President Russell M. Nelson encourages couples to pray and seek Heavenly Father’s guidance to know if the time is right for them to serve. Elder Rasband emphasizes that having a desire to serve may be the most important qualification.
  4. Personal Experience: Elder Rasband shares a personal story of his parents’ missionary service, detailing how they, as senior missionaries, influenced the conversion of a young woman named Rebecca Guzman and her family. This story illustrates the profound impact senior missionaries can have on individuals and families.
  5. Call to Serve: Elder Rasband directly calls upon seniors to serve as missionaries. He acknowledges potential concerns about leaving family milestones but stresses the unique and invaluable contributions seniors can make. He assures that the joy and blessings from serving will far outweigh any sacrifices.

The overarching message is a call to action for senior members of the Church to actively participate in missionary work, both at home and abroad. Elder Rasband highlights the specific needs in various mission fields and encourages seniors to explore the opportunities available for them to contribute to the gathering of Israel.

Questions to consider:

  1. Reflecting on Elder Rasband’s emphasis on the gathering of Israel, how would you personally define or interpret the concept of the “worth of souls” and its significance in the sight of God?
  2. Considering the shortage of missionaries highlighted in the text, what are your thoughts on the role of senior missionaries in addressing this need, and how might their unique experiences contribute to the gathering of God’s children?
  3. Elder Rasband shares a personal story about his parents’ missionary service. How do you think such personal narratives can impact individuals and communities, and have you personally witnessed or experienced the transformative power of missionary work?
  4. President Russell M. Nelson encourages couples to pray about serving a mission, emphasizing the importance of a desire to serve. How do you perceive the relationship between personal desire, prayer, and the decision to embark on a missionary journey, especially in the context of seniors?
  5. Elder Rasband addresses the concerns some seniors might have about leaving family milestones and responsibilities. How do you balance the potential sacrifices of missionary service with the desire to set an example for future generations, as mentioned in the text?
  6. The text outlines various opportunities for senior missionaries, both abroad and at home, such as working in temples, strengthening young missionaries, and providing humanitarian service. Which of these opportunities resonates with you, and why? How do you think these roles contribute to the larger mission of gathering Israel?
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