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Quiet your mind and tune into your spiritual feelings | a prayer for looking inward


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Form Your Mantra: Looking Inward


If you someday find yourself navigating the intense traffic in New Delhi, India, you might be surprised by what you see at red lights.

Illuminated in big bold letters is the word: RELAX.

What impact do you think that word has on the drivers who see it?

Now think about what goes through your mind when you encounter one of life’s stressful moments. What if you were ready with a calming mantra that soothed, and reset your body and mind?

To get there, let’s take a moment to breathe in deeply through the nose, and exhale through your mouth. Continue to breathe, quieting your mind, and tuning into your spiritual feelings.

Reflect on what thoughts, feelings, or words seem to emerge from the stillness.

What could you say in your mantra that would honor your deepest self? As you take another deep breath in, using your most gentle voice, repeat your mantra and exhale.

How does your body feel?

Your mind?

For the exercise in app, click the link below: https://links.skylight.org/HN1YnUGsitb

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