Poetry on God and a creating a personal relationship | Larkin Swain | Skylight

Poetry on God and a creating a personal relationship | Larkin Swain | Skylight | To The God I Know


Dear God I’m listening

And I’m learning to hear you

Amidst all the noise,

All the chaos.


I can hear you calling to us.

I used to think I could only find you through stained glass,

That you would only hear me when I fall to my knees

But you have opened my eyes.


You are everywhere.

And you are guiding me.

I go out into the forest,

State out into the sea.


I see your hands

And it moves me.

I see your personality

Expressed in the diversity of life.


I see your care,

Your loving care.

For all living things.

You are with us, aren’t you?


No matter where we go

Or how our lives might unfold,

You will never leave us alone.


Larkin Swain is a poet, student, artist, and producer. @larkinswain.


Skylight uses spiritually healing practices found in many world religions to help you grow your spiritual receptiveness, resilience, and strength. Whether you’re non-religious, sort of religious, or totally into religion, we believe Skylight can help your spirit thrive. Think of us as the gateway to spiritual fitness through guided, God-centered meditation.




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