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Perfectionism is not the same as being perfected in Christ | How Can we Overcome Unhealthy Comparison and Perfectionism?

Have you ever found yourself caught up in a never-ending cycle of comparison or perfectionism? Or in a situation where you feel stretched beyond your limits?
Elder Vern P. Stanfill taught: “Remember that perfectionism is not the same as being perfected in Christ [see Moroni 10:32]. Perfectionism requires an impossible, self-inflicted standard that compares us to others. This causes guilt and anxiety and can make us want to withdraw and isolate ourselves” (Vern P. Stanfill, “The Imperfect Harvest,” Liahona, May 2023, 113).
So, what does the process of being perfected in Christ look like? Elder Stanfill shares the following:
  1. It is remembering that “whatever our best-but-imperfect offering is, the Savior can make it perfect.”
  2. “A simple word of kindness, a brief but sincere ministering visit, or a Primary lesson lovingly taught can, with the Savior’s help, provide comfort, soften hearts, and change eternal lives.”
  3. “Our clumsy efforts can lead to miracles, and in the process, we can participate in a perfect harvest.”
What is one action you can take today to overcome unhealthy comparison or perfectionism?
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