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Join the Uchtdorfs and participate in the largest YSA worldwide event of its type in Church history!

Participate in the largest worldwide event of its type in Church history!

Worldwide Devotional Activities at Temple Square

President and Sister Uchtdorf


The Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults on January 14, 2018, will be preceded by activities and social media sharing. To participate, members and friends (18–30) are encouraged to unite globally in sharing goodness by engaging in activities and then posting their experiences on social media with the hashtags #ShareGoodness and #LDSdevo.


The main objective of this event is to encourage the members and friends (18–30) in your area to join with others around the world in sharing positive messages on social media and in serving those around them. Specifically, this event is an opportunity to:

  • Participate in the largest worldwide event of its type in Church history.
  • “Flood the earth” by sharing positive social media messages.

How to Participate

All Young Adults who would like to attend in person are invited to the Conference Center to watch the devotional and join in the associated activities on Temple Square. Tickets are not required. Thousands of members and friends (18–30) have the opportunity to participate in person as the event unfolds.

Promotional materials for these events are included below:

Map of the event is available here

Pre-Event Activities

  • Each year the Christmas lights at Temple Square are turned off on January 2. However, this year the lights will be turned back on for this event from 3:00–10:00 p.m. Come and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the lights at Temple Square.
  • Specially selected videos and activities will be available around Temple Square. Come see things you may not have seen before.
  • Give us your best smile! members and friends (18–30) from all over the world will be joining in the effort to “flood the earth” with positive messages. Share your thoughts on your favorite social media platforms before and after the devotional, while at the Conference Center, and while exploring Temple Square. Use the hashtags #ShareGoodness and #LDSDevo in your posts so that we can unite in this effort to share goodness.


  • The devotional itself begins at 6:00 p.m.
  • President and Sister Uchtdorf want as many of you as possible to join them in the Conference Center. The Conference Center holds over 20,000 people—help us fill it!
  • Tickets are not required to attend the devotional, and seating will be on a first come, first served basis. You receive your seating assignment when you enter the Conference Center. There will be overflow seating available.
  • The digital invitation to the devotional is available here. This is not a ticket (as tickets are not needed)—this is an invitation for you and everyone you know.

Post-Event Activities

There will be many other activities to participate in after the devotional.

  • The Conference Center doors will remain open until 8:30 p.m. This is the first time that, after a meeting in the Conference Center, the doors will be left open for visitors to walk the halls of the Conference Center without a tour guide. Stay and mingle as you discover the Conference Center.
  • Discussion tables will be set up in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Come learn about Church topics of interest and get answers to questions you have about specific topics. A list of the topics is available here.
  • JustServe and LDS Humanitarian Services will be in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building hosting partners with information about how one can provide service locally and if desired register to serve.
  • You can continue to explore Temple Square, as many buildings that are usually closed on Sundays will be open. Check out the Church History Museum and the First Vision Theater with its 240° screen. Or head over to the Discovery Center in the Family History Library to see what’s new there.
  • Refreshments will be served after the devotional.

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