Overcoming Temptation (David) | 2 Samuel 5-7; 11-12; 1 Kings 3; 8; 11 | Line Upon Line by Living Scriptures

Overcoming Temptation (David) | 2 Samuel 5-7; 11-12; 1 Kings 3; 8; 11 | Line Upon Line by Living Scriptures


Overcoming Temptation

2 Samuel 5-7; 11-12; 1 Kings 3 ;8; 11 | June 20-26

David grew up to be righteous and kind king in Israel. With the help of the Lord, he was successful in many battles and united Israel into one nation. However, David was tempted by the beauty of Bathsheba, wife of Uriah, and he broke his covenants with God to be with her. Instead of repenting he tried to cover his sin by having her husband sent to the battlefront to be killed so David could marry her. When Nathan the prophet confronted him about his sins, David was very sorrowful and repented.

Later David’s son Solomon became king. Solomon prayed to the Lord for wisdom to discern good from evil as he judged the people. The Lord blessed him and Solomon became a righteous king. Solomon built a beautiful temple and led his people in wisdom. However, Solomon had many wives who were not Israelites that worshiped false gods. Solomon let his heart be turned away from the Lord by his wives and he forgot the Lord.

Even though David and Solomon started as righteous kings, they each let temptation into their lives. Their sins caused them to lose great blessings. We can pray for help to resist temptation, and because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can repent when needed.


Read and Discuss


1 Kings 3:9

“Give therefore thy servant an understanding heart to judge thy people, that I may discern between good and bad”


  • What choices did David make that led him to sin?
  • What did Solomon do that led him away from the Lord?
  • What could David and Solomon have done differently?
  • What temptations might we face?
  • What choices could we make to resist and overcome temptation?
  • How can we discern right from wrong?


“The Lord knows how to rescue us from the power of temptation, and since the devil has this great ability to tempt and entice us, it is necessary that we know the way of deliverance and of escape from his power… As Jesus has helped us, so should we help one another. How should we deal with temptation? Avoid it, resist it, and pray for help from God, through the grace of Christ, to overcome it.” Robert J. Matthews

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Come Follow Me 2022 LDS (June 20-26) 2 Samuel 5-12 & 1 Kings 1-11 | Look to the Lord – powered by Happy Scribe

Once upon a time, there was a young boy who loved his sheep and loved his music. Nobody really knew him outside his small town, but after an unexpected visit from God’s prophet Boom, his life life was changed forever. And his name is the most commonly used one in the King James version of the Bible. This is the story of David growing up. David is humble, quickly, obedient, and always looks to God for guidance. So the Lord continually strengthens him. For example, one day while watching his walk, a bear comes out of nowhere and attacks his sheep. But with the Lord, David courageously rescues his lands and kills the bear. With this same faith, David later rescues Israel from the Philistines by slaying Goliath. Now after this kingsal makes David one of his closest aides. And David, with the Lord’s help, is wildly successful, winning victory after victory and goes viral. However, Saul, pretty much used to being the ghost, becomes insanely jealous. So he starts chucking javelins at David. What? Fortunately, his aim is pretty bad. Later, he even tries to have him killed in battle. Foreshadowing and Saul’s illogical hatred sends David into hiding.

For many years, while on the run, David’s given Goliath’s sword by a himalaya the priest, and still with the Lord’s help, is victorious in every battle. Saul and his sons, however, aren’t so lucky and are killed by the Philistines. Their deaths break David’s heart and the Lord leads him to Judea, where he’s made king at only 30 years old. And by 37, he’s united and transformed Israel into one nation, becoming its greatest king. Now, as king, David shows his true greatness by seeking to take care of Saul’s posterity, but only finds one grandson of Saul still alive a poor crippled man named Mafibe. So Mifibichev can’t walk as both of his feet were broken as a child while fleeing after Saul was killed, placed before King David, mafibusev immediately bought himself flat, probably scared for his life. But David says not to worry, explaining I’m restoring everything that was Sauls to you.

Oh, and I’d like you to always.

Eat at my table, totally flabbergasted. Miffed stammers. Why me? Such a dead dog as I am? But David doesn’t care if Mafibe is considered among the lowest and loves him as he did Saul and Jonathan. After all, wasn’t he once himself a lowly sheep herder? And David grew great, and the Lord was with him as long as he always looks to the Lord. Now, wouldn’t it be nice to just end the story here? Oh, you bet you. Unfortunately, there’s a time when David didn’t accompany his army to battle and finds himself in a compromising situation. Sauntering across his rooftop, he looks down from his great palace and sees Bathsheba bathing. Okay, look, we don’t know how long David was struggling to diligently look upward. But here and now, his defenses fall as he pursues her and sins against God. Worst of all. Instead of immediately looking upward for forgiveness and heavenly grace, he desperately tries to secretly fix his mistake by having Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah sent to the battlefront to be killed. And with Uriah dead, David marries Bathsheba, perhaps breathing an uneasy sigh of relief because he thinks he’s fooled everyone. David happily welcomes in Nathan, the Prophet, who pops in for a visit.

And the prophet proceeds to tell David a sad, true story of two men, one rich and one poor.

Nathan says this rich man had tons of flocks and herds, but the poor man had only one little lamb that he’d raised with his children, would eat from his own plate, drink from his own cup, and would even sometimes adorably, fall asleep on his chest. Ah, but one night, when the rich man entertained a traveler, instead of taking from his own flock, he took and killed the poor man’s lamb for dinner.

Furious, David shouts, this rich man must pay. Nathan then calmly looks David in the eye and softly says, david, thou art the man. And with a sudden, stinging realization of his own tragic mistake, david completely breaks down in sinful sorrow and seeks forgiveness for the rest of his life. Now, despite losing phenomenal blessings and protections because he broke his covenant with God, david’s life wasn’t Oliver, nor did the Lord completely forsake him. Instead, David worked with Nathan to help him acknowledge his sins and repent. Just like God gives us loving church leaders to help us in our hours of deepest regret, remorse, and despair. Finally, years later, as David lies on his deathbed, his wicked son Adinaya conspires to become the next king. Bathsheba reminds David of his promise to have their son Solomon succeed him as king. And in a burst of heavenly strength, david sits up and clearly instructs Nathan to take Solomon to Gihan and anoint him as king. Then, foreshadowing Jesus’own triumphal entry, solomon rides King David’s mule down the Kidron Valley into Jerusalem, accompanied by blasting trumpets and people shouting. Now, we know Solomon is subsequently blessed with the greatest judgment, wisdom, and riches above all other kings.

But like David, it doesn’t end well when Solomon two stops looking upward to the Lord. Nonetheless, the Lord still keeps his promised blessings to David’s posterity, just as he will with each of us, as we continually seek after him. Next, we’ll see the prophet Elijah take on the wicked priests of Baal.

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