The stories shared in Brother Merrill's Inspirational Stories offer a glimpse into the miraculous occurrences that often accompany temple work and genealogical research. As we engage in these sacred pursuits, we are met with divine assistance, spiritual manifestations, and profound connections with our ancestors. The narratives presented serve as poignant reminders of the eternal nature of families and the sacred responsibility we carry to perform ordinances for our kindred dead. May these stories inspire us to continue our efforts in temple work with renewed fervor and unwavering faith in the power of connecting generations through sacred ordinances.

Miracles, When Heaven Touches Earth

Have you ever felt the influence of otherworldly helpers in your life?

Have you ever felt the influence of otherworldly helpers in your life?

Do you believe in angels?

Check out this great YouTube channel:


Do you have a miracle you’d like to share? Email to participate.

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