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Make your blog cooler tip #2

One of my favorite things to do with my blogs & websites is see how many people visit, how they got to the blog/site (like clicking on a link on friend’s/family’s blogs), and where in the world they are. Now many of you may use some of those little tools that show a map on the side of your blog, and those are great, but Analytics gives you really awesome, detailed information about viewers of your blog, and is also really easy to use if you just want the basics.As you can see on this graphic from A

nalytics, we get the most visits from Utah, with Idaho a close second. My mouse is hovering over Maine so I can see that someone has visited 19 times in the last month!

So here’s how to set it up:
1) Go to and use your Blogger username & password to setup a new Analytics account. After clicking to sign in, it will take you to a new page, click the “Sign Up” button to continue.
2) Next enter the information for your blog. For example, where it says “URL” I enter “”. For “Account Name” you can enter whatever you want to designate your blog. Then enter your country & timezone, & click “Continue”.
3) Now put in your name, phone number, & country (yes, again). Click “Continue” again.
4) Check the little box that says “Yes…” to agree to the terms & conditions (just legal stuff, don’t worry about it, Google won’t share your info or anything). Then click the button to setup your new account.
5) Now, and this is important, there’s two tabs at the top of the page, click on the one that says “New Tracking Code” so that it becomes dark in color. Now you’ll see the code that you need to put into your blog to make Analytics work.
6) So select all the code in the box & push “Ctrl+C” (or “Command+C” on a mac), or just go to the edit menu & select “Copy”.
7) Open a new browser window or tab and go to Login, if you’re not already, then go to the “Layout” tab for your blog. Then click “Edit HTML” underneath the Layout tab.
8) Scroll clear down to the bottom of the box that shows the code for your blog and look for this the line that says has “/body” between greater & less-than signs. It should be right near the very bottom. Put your cursor at the beginning of that line, in front of the less-than sign, and press “Ctrl+V” or select your browser’s “Edit” menu and then the “Paste” option. Then the “Save the Template” orange button below.
9) At this point Analytics is setup and ready to go. So just switch back to the window/tab you had Analytics in, and click the “Continue” button. Then just click the “Check Status” button to be sure you set it up correctly. If it doesn’t work, wait a while and try again. It can take a while (not more than a few hours) to start working.
10) Stay tuned to our blog to find out how to use Analytics to see all kinds of cool information about visitors to your site (or you can just explore around yourself, though you’ll want to wait a day or so, so there’s some data to see).

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