Leading Saints | Behind the Scenes at Church HQ: Handbooks, Ministering, & Area Presidencies | Larry Richman

Leading Saints | Behind the Scenes at Church HQ: Handbooks, Ministering, & Area Presidencies | Larry Richman


Larry Richman retired in 2022 after working as a Church employee for 45 years. He was a project and product manager for many of the Church’s programs, such as Sunday and weekday programs for adults, youth, and children as well as leader training and tools. He was the director of LDS.org and the Church’s social media efforts from 2003–2008.

Larry has authored over a dozen books and thousands of articles in magazines and websites. As an entrepreneur, he has started several businesses and provided leadership training and consulting for several companies. He has also served as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Trustees for non-profit organizations. From 2022–2023, Larry served a full-time mission as the executive secretary for the Africa South Area Presidency.

Larry shares insights into his career working behind the scenes at the Church and collaborating with general authorities. He discusses the balance between following the handbook and allowing for flexibility in leadership roles. Larry also highlights the importance of utilizing resources like the Life Help section, Gospel Topics, and My Calling in the Gospel Library app. He emphasizes the principle-based approach in the current handbook and the For the Strength of Youth guide, focusing on teaching doctrine and letting individuals govern themselves. Larry also touches on his experience running the LDS 365 blog and the importance of staying updated on handbook revisions. He shares his recent mission experience in South Africa and working with the area presidency. Larry’s insights provide valuable perspectives on leadership and resources within church structure.

Key moments in the video above:

00:02:18 – Larry Richman’s Career in the Church
00:09:19 – Working with General Authorities
00:15:52 – Implementing Church Initiatives
00:30:39 – Larry Richman’s LDS 365 Blog
00:33:08 – Resources in the Gospel Library App
00:40:43 – Understanding and Using the Handbook
00:45:20 – Flexibility and Guidance in the Handbook
00:46:19 – Updates and Changes in the Handbook



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