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My wife has a side business she’s running called Kate’s Calendars. They’re personalziable advent calendars geared towards an LDS market. They’re perfect for families that have a missionary in the field. Get a calendar, write some inspiring messages, and your missionary can open up a little door each day to get a new message. Here’s the back story on how my wife came up with Kate’s Calendars:

My wife wrote me the during my mission. One of the creative things she did was make homemade advent calendars for me. They were by far one my favorite pieces of mail that I received while I was on my mission. It’s was nice to open a door each day for a month to read a message from Kate. After we married, I talked about how much I enjoyed those homemade personalized advent calendars that Kate sent me and how my companions were often jealous that they didn’t have anything like that. We thought it might be neat if we could take my wife’s idea and some how produce it so that anybody could make a personalized advent calendar for their missionary. Thus, Kate’s Calendars was born.

I guess you can say Kate’s Calendars is kind of a Mormon hack. Instead of having to wait until P-day to get a message to your missionary, you can get on to him/her everyday for a month. It would also be good for missionaries in the field to use with their investigators. They can make a calendar with scriptures and inspiring messages while an investigator prepares for baptism. Check it out.

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