How to Jump to the Top of The Gospel Library App Using This Simple Gesture LDS Mormon iphone

Instructions: How to Access Related Content in Come, Follow Me Lessons in the Gospel Library App

As you study Come, Follow Me in the Gospel Library app or online, you have access to additional related content within each lesson. Content comes from:
  • Magazine articles from the LiahonaFor the Strength of YouthFriend, and YA Weekly
  • Tabernacle Choir and Primary sing-along videos
  • Come, Follow Me activities
  • Animated Old Testament stories
  • Old Testament coloring book pages
To access related content on the Gospel Library app, simply click on the three dots on the top right and select “Related Content,” or click the “Associated Content” icon on the right side of the lesson.

To access related content online, simply click on the “Related Content” icon on the top right of the lesson or the “Associated Content” icon on the right side of the lesson.


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