Ot1 illustration nebula star Come, Follow Me Old Testament Lesson 1: December 27–January 2 “This Is My Work and My Glory” Moses 1; Abraham 3: Preparing to Read the Old Testament

I AM A SON OF GOD — DRAWN IN! — Come Follow Me — Old Testament | Come, Follow Me Old Testament Lesson 1: December 27–January 2 “This Is My Work and My Glory” Moses 1; Abraham 3


Moses 1: God reveals Himself to Moses—Moses is transfigured—He is confronted by Satan—Moses sees many inhabited worlds—Worlds without number were created by the Son—God’s work and glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.

Abraham 3: Abraham learns about the sun, moon, and stars by means of the Urim and Thummim—The Lord reveals to him the eternal nature of spirits—He learns of pre-earth life, foreordination, the Creation, the choosing of a Redeemer, and the second estate of man.

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I AM A SON OF GOD — DRAWN IN! — Come Follow Me — Old Testament – powered by Happy Scribe

All right, my friends, welcome to the first official episode of the Old Testament. Come follow me. Year. And it’s Moses chapter One, which is like my favorite chapter of this year. Make sure you’ve got your Pearl of Great Price scriptures. Let’s do this. So why are we starting in the Pearl of Great Price? Shouldn’t we be starting in the Bible? Right. I’ll explain. We learned last year that after the Book of Mormon was published, the Lord commanded Joseph Smith to make a revision of the Bible to bring back truths that have been lost over thousands of years.

We call it the Joseph Smith translation of the Bible. Oliver Cowdry was his first scribe. Then it was his wife, Emma, and then Sydney Rigdon. Now the Bible starts with a book called Genesis. In it, the Lord talks about how he created the Earth and who the first people were, Adam and Eve and about their children. But wait a minute. Who wrote Genesis? That would be Moses thousands of years later when he was on top of a high mountain receiving revelations from God about the creation, and he wrote them down.

So when we read Moses chapters one through eight in the Pearl of Great Price, that is the Joseph myth translation of Genesis, chapters one through six in the Old Testament. Except it’s much more complete. So, Moses, chapter one is the story or the circumstances behind Moses receiving these revelations. And it’s so good. Do you know what I wish? I wish Moses himself were here to tell us about his experience. Did you guys hear that sounded kind of magical. Shut the door. Moses. Yeah, you’re here. It works.

Yes. Come on in. Yes. Hello there. I believe you summoned me here. Yes, Moses. We’re talking about your experience on the exceedingly high mountain. Moses. Chapter One, can you tell us all about it? I’d be happy to. Okay. Just go ahead and have a seat in that chair and be sure to look into this little dot. Okay. Right there. Well, Greetings, my friends. My name is Moses. I want to tell you about this amazing experience that I had now one day. Wait, Moses, can you draw it for us?

Draw it. Yeah. That’s what we do. All right. And you got to touch that black thing in front of you and say, let’s get get. Yes. I was caught up into an exceedingly high mountain. And there I saw God face to face. And I talked with him. And the glory of God was upon me. Therefore, I could endure His presence. And God Spake unto me, saying, Behold, I am the Lord God Almighty and endless is my name, for I am without beginning of days or end of years.

And is not this endless. I was awestruck. This was the Almighty God. But before I could shrink and feel insignificant in His presence, he told me something that changed everything. And behold, thou art my son. This wasn’t just God. He was my father. I was his son. And he told me that I was in the similitude of his only begotten, the Savior, who is full of Grace and truth. And then he said, And I have a work for thee, Moses, my son. God had something for me to do.

And then God said to me, and now behold this one thing I show unto thee, my son. I loved how he kept calling me his son. But was he going to show me? And it came to pass that I looked and I beheld the world upon which I was created and the ends thereof, and all the children of men which are and which were created of the same. I greatly marveled and wondered. I saw the entire Earth, my friends and all the people on the Earth.

It was incredible when suddenly the vision closed, the Lord’s presence withdrew from me, and I was left alone for many hours. And I thought to myself, now, for this cause I know that man is nothing which thing I never had supposed. And I was exhausted. Well, while I lay there, another visitor came to me, and it came to pass that I looked upon Satan and said, who art thou for behold, I am a son of God in the similitude of his only begotten. And where is thy glory that I should worship thee?

For behold, I could not look upon God, except His glory should come upon me, and I were transfigured before him. But I could look upon thee in the natural man. Is it not so surely my temptation blessed be the name of my God, for his spirit hath not altogether withdrawn from me, or else where is thy glory? For it is darkness unto me, and I can judge between thee and God. Oh, get thee hence Satan. Deceive me, not beginner. I will not cease to call upon God, for I have other things to inquire of him, for his glory has been upon me.

Oh, I can judge between him and thee. Depart thee hence Satan. And now, when I had said these words, Satan cried with a loud voice and ranted upon the Earth and commanded saying, I am the only begun in was of me. And it came to pass that I began to fear exceedingly. And as I began to fear, I saw the bitterness of Hell. Good night, Blakes. Nevertheless calling upon God, I received strength. Depart from me, Satan. For this one God only will I worship, which is the God of glory.

And now Satan began to tremble, and the Earth shook. And I received strength and called upon God, saying, in the name of the only begotten, depart. Hence Satan. And Satan cried with a loud voice with weeping and wailing and ashing of ease, even from my presence, that I beheld him not. Finally, I was so glad to get rid of that guy. What a crybaby too well, I had passed the test by the power of God’s. Only begotten that’s Jesus Christ, my friends. The darkness dispersed and the Lord’s presence returned.

And he showed me again the vision of this world. And he showed me many more worlds that he had created throughout the universe. I was amazed. I had no idea. So I asked the Lord God, saying, now be merciful unto thy servant, O Lord, and tell me about just this one Earth and how it began. And then thy servant will be content. And the Lord God Spake unto me, saying the heavens, they are many and they cannot be numbered unto man. But they are numbered unto me, for they are mine.

And there is no end to my works neither to my words. Power verse for behold, this is my work and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. And now, Moses, my son, I will speak unto thee concerning this Earth upon which thou standest, and thou shalt right. The things which I shall speak. Isn’t that incredible? The God of the whole universe who created worlds without number. His greatest joy and happiness comes from you from watching you grow and be happy and have eternal life with a father in heaven like that.

How can we possibly fail? So let’s not give in to Satan’s deceptions. We are children of God, and he is glorious. Well, God showed me that vision. I wrote it down. And now you get to study for the next several weeks. Those words that I wrote. And it is time for me to be getting back to my time. So, my friends, I bid you farewell and God bless that was them. Now it’s my turn. Wow, Moses, thank you so much for sharing with us. Well, you’re welcome.

And good luck with the rest of your Bible studies this year. All right. Thanks, Moses. All right, you guys, let’s talk about today. I want to talk about Satan for a second. Now, we just saw Satan depicted as Prince John from Robin Hood. You guys, it’s the perfect parallel. Prince John thought he was the King. He thought he was in charge and could do whatever he wanted. And it was full of pride and was charging all these taxes. But he was an impostor. He was a Faker.

The real King was King Richard, his brother. But while King Richard was away, Prince John was doing his thing. Now it’s the same with us. Jesus Christ is the real King. But while he’s away, Satan is trying to have his way with us to get us to worship him and have power over us. But Moses saw right through it. He saw Satan for who he really was. Now I’ll give you a moment to pause the video as a family and look through some verses and find some of the tactics the things Moses did to combat and identify Satan.

All right, get ready. To pause the video. This is where it counts now. I hope one of the things you found in those verses was that Moses knew who he was when Satan tried to tell Moses that he was only the son of man with no inherent Godly qualities. He told Satan flatout, I am a son of God. Do you guys realize how much power there is in that knowledge back in Moses time? And today, at the beginning of the episode, I had you underline three phrases.

Do you remember what they were? I like to call them the three Pillars of identity. And I’m drawing some pillars right here. Pillars are what hold structures and buildings up. The first pillar is God is God. What I mean is God is Almighty. He is endless. He’s all powerful, all knowing. He’s everything. He’s God. The second pillar is you are his child. He loves you. He’s your father. He knows you. And that also means you have Godhood in you. God is full of glory, and we have glory.

And you are destined to become as he is. You have the same genes and traits. And the third pillar is you have a work to do with those Godly traits you have. There are things for you to accomplish life missions to fulfill while you’re here on Earth. And we need to discover what those are friends. These three pillars will guide your entire life. They give you purpose and identity and a sense of who you really are. And that changes all your actions and thoughts. Principle of power.

I think it all boils down to this principle when we feel we are children of God with the work to do. Satan’s power is thwarted in our lives. Well, my friends, what a great way to start off the New Year. Now, what matters most is what happens next. What happens after this video during the next week when those moments come that you’re tempted to say or do or watch or participate in something that doesn’t really have any glory. You just think about these three pillars, these principles and who you really are and watch Satan depart.

Hence out of your thoughts when you have these thoughts in mind. All right, true principle. So let’s finish with some words from elder Ukdorf. And until next week, keep getting drawn into your scriptures. Bye bye.

God has given again in these letter days the truth about where we came from, why we’re here and where we are going. Much of the confusion we experience in this life comes from simply not understanding who we are. One of the most beloved storytellers of all time was the Danish writer Hans Christ Anderson. In one of his stories, The Ugly Duckling, a mother duck discovers that one of her newly hatched chicks is unusually large and very ugly. The other ducklings cannot leave the ugly child alone. They punish him.

Mercilessly. The Ugly Duckling decides it would be better for everyone if he left his family. And so he ran away. Then one day he sees flying overhead a flock of majestic birds. He takes flight and follows them to a beautiful Lake. The ugly duckling looks into the water and sees a reflection of a magnificent Swan. The ugly duckling realizes that the reflection is his own. He has discovered who he really is. Think of where you come from, your sons and daughters of the greatest, most glorious beings in the universe.

He loves you with an infinite love. He wants the best for you. This knowledge changes everything. It changes your present. It can change your future, and it can change the world. If only we understood who we are and what is in store for us, our hearts would overflow with such gratitude and happiness that it would enlighten even the darkest source with the light and love of God. Of course, there will always be voices telling you that you are foolish to believe that you’re Swans insisting that you are but Ugly Ducklings and that you can’t expect to become anything else.

But you know better. You are no ordinary beings. You are glorious and eternal. I plead with you. Just look into the water and see your true reflection. It is my prayer and blessing that when you look at your reflection, you will be able to see beyond imperfections and selfdoubt and recognize who you truly are. Glorious sons and daughters of Almighty God in the sacred name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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