How To Remove the “Ads” From Your PayPal Account


If you want to send or receive money other than via check or cash, PayPal as become the go-to tool for it. This is mostly because it was the first service to offer those solutions. Now, with a lot of competition and innovation in the finance arena, it seems behind the times and overly-complicated to accomplish the most basic tasks. Still, because “everybody” has it, it’s still a necessary evil.

I find it very annoying that PayPal makes money off my transactions and use of it’s services, then puts “ads” in my face, inside the account interface. They’re constantly trying to up-sell me to use other PayPal products and features, everywhere I turn. What makes it doubly annoying is the fact that rather than “smart” ads that look at which PayPal products and features I already use, they’re “dumb” ads that frequently tell me about these “awesome and wonderful features”… that I’m already using and well aware of. Add to it the fact that the PayPal interface is already overly convoluted and complicated, and makes for a very poor user experience.

Normal, convoluted PayPal account dashboard.
Normal, convoluted PayPal account dashboard.

The other day, I got really frustrated with it, and decided to do something about it. Using the AdBlock Plus browser plugin, I got rid of them. You can too, using the info I already gathered, which means it’s even easier for you. Here’s how to do it in about 2 minutes:

1. Install AdBlock Plus in your browser. Get the Chrome extension or Firefox plugin. (instructions from this point on are for Chrome, you’ll have to figure out how to adapt them for Firefox as I don’t have it installed to test)

2. Visit the options by right-clicking the little red stop sign icon next to the “favorite” start at the right-end of the address bar, then selecting “Options.”

3. Select the “Add your own filters” tab, followed by the “Edit filters as raw text” link in the bottom-right.

4. Put your cursor in the new text box that appeared, and make sure it’s on a new line. Then copy the following lines of text, and paste them where your cursor is in the text box. Finally click the “Apply changes” button and close this settings tab.
[/box] That’s it. Now just reload your PayPal dashboard and the ads should all be gone:

The improved PayPal interface.
The improved PayPal interface.
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