Full Circle Prayer - A guided way to say a prayer | Skylight Spiritual Wellness

Full Circle Prayer – A guided way to say a prayer | Skylight Spiritual Wellness





Open an easy conversation with your higher power.


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Skylight uses spiritually healing practices found in many world religions to help you grow your spiritual receptiveness, resilience, and strength.

Whether you’re non-religious, sort of religious, or totally into religion, we believe Skylight can help your spirit thrive. Think of us as the gateway to spiritual fitness through guided, God-centered meditation.




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This is a simple exercise to stretch your spirit inward, outward and upward.


Draw your attention inward, letting your breath pull you in. Watch your inhales and exhales as they come and go.Β 

Don’t be afraid to go a little slower.Β 

If it helps you focus, let your eyes drift closed.


With your focus drawn inside, open your heart to God.Β 

Think of one thing you are thankful for.Β 

Say it to yourself or even out loud: β€œI am thankful for [blank].”


Return to your breath here.Β 

Take a big inhale for 4 seconds . . .Β 

hold it at the top for 7 seconds . . .Β 

now exhale for 8 seconds.Β 


Now consider someone in your life who could use some extra help.Β 

Imagine that person in your mind. Consider what they mean to you.Β 

Reach out with your feelings toward God, asking for help for this person.


Let’s come back to your breath. Deep breath in . . . long breath out.Β 

Repeat this two more times.


Now, let’s look inward again.Β 

What is one thing that you need help with right now?Β 

It could be strength to do something, or wisdom to answer a difficult question or make a difficult choice. Whatever it is, ask God to help you.


Bring yourself back to your breath, and take some extra time to be still.Β 

Open your spirit to any thoughts, images, or feelings that come to you.Β 

Be patient enough to observe these ideas.Β 


Imagine yourself writing down any idea or impression you had.


Take one more deep breath and release with gratitude for your own spirit, for others, and for God.


Great job.


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