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Nephi’s father, Helaman, had urged his sons to “remember, remember”: he wanted them to remember their ancestors, remember the words of the prophets, and most of all remember “our Redeemer, who is Christ” (see Helaman 5:5–14).

It’s clear that Nephi did remember, because this is the same message he declared years later “with unwearyingness” (Helaman 10:4) to the people. “How could you have forgotten your God?” (Helaman 7:20), he asked.

All of Nephi’s efforts—preaching, praying, performing miracles, and petitioning God for a famine—were attempts to help the people turn to God and remember Him.

In many ways, forgetting God is a bigger problem even than not knowing Him, and it’s easy to forget Him when our minds are distracted by “the vain things of this world” and clouded by sin (Helaman 7:21; see also Helaman 12:2).

But, as Nephi’s ministry shows, it’s never too late to remember and “turn … unto the Lord your God” (Helaman 7:17).

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