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Come Follow Me with Taylor Halverson (Doctrine and Covenants 133-134, November 15-21)


Come Follow Me with Taylor Halverson (Doctrine and Covenants 133-134, November 15-21) – powered by Happy Scribe

How does God conclude the doctrine and covenants? So originally, when the doctrine and covenants was being organized and planned, God provided two revelations, an introduction which is now section one, and a conclusion or an appendix which we now have as section 133. Let’s read some of the things that God wanted to impress upon the minds of his early Saints, and he invites all of us to take seriously. Today. Let’s turn to section 133.

Let’s begin in verse three, for he shall make bear his Holy arm in the eyes of all the nations, and all the ends of the Earth shall see the Salvation of their God. It turns out the symbol of the arm in Scripture usually means Salvation. It’s the embracing arm of God that he has power to save and to heal. So whenever you see that phrase in scripture, the arm of God, typically it means his saving power, and it’s powerful that when he concludes the doctrine covenants, he reminds all of us that he will reveal his Salvation to all people.

And it’s our opportunity and our choice whether to accept his embracing arms or not.

He goes on in verse four, Wherefore prepare you. Prepare Ye, all my people. Sanctify yourselves. Gather you together. O Ye people of my Church upon the land of Zion, all you that have not been commanded to Terry, go Ye out from Babylon, be clean that bear the vessels of the Lord.

That’s an interesting phrase. Most of us have heard this phrase. We generally know what it means, but it’s interesting if we take the Old Testament context where the ancient temple was presided over by priests, and there were a number of sacrificial offerings that go on on a regular basis, and that was actually organized and managed by the priests. And there were a number of implements that they had to use, knives and wash basins and many other features of the temple that required to make that process sacred and Holy.

And it turns out that the Old Testament gives regulations to the priests about how they should be clean, so they would not pollute any aspect of the work of the Lord.

And so in their work they would have to carry vessels or containers from place to place. And the idea is that you should have clean hands, clean hands, clean heart. And therefore, if you were clean in the burying all these different containers of these vessels, you are not going to be contaminating any aspect of the sacrificial system. Therefore, God’s work could proceed uninhibited. The symbol for us today is we are the vessels of the Lord.

We should be clean. We are bearing or carrying these vessels, our souls within our bodies. He asks us to be clean. Therefore, thereby the work that he is attempting to do can be done through us and with us us. So wherever you might be, ask yourself, what can I do to be a bit cleaner as I’m pressing forward bearing my life in the service of God.

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