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Come Follow Me with Living Scriptures | Exodus 1-6 Moses | Line Upon Line


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Come Follow Me LDS 2022 (Mar 21-27) Exodus 1-6 | Moses – powered by Happy Scribe

Here am I. Draw closer and put off thy shoes for the place where on thou standest this Holy ground. I have seen the afflictions of my people, and I have heard their cry. And I will send you to deliver them from bondage. Who am I that I should do this thing? I will be with thee, Moses, but they will not believe me. What is that in thy hand? A Rod. Cast it on the ground. Put forth thy hand and take it by the tail. Put thy hand into thy bosom. Now you have seen the power of God. Go and show Pharaoh. Lord, I cannot speak. Well, I am slow of speech. Who hath made man’s mouth? Hath not I, the Lord? Go. I will give you, Aaron, thy brother, to speak for you. Now go, Moses, and do as I command.

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This week’s study is on Exodus 1-6.

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