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Come Follow Me | BOM-BITES Episode #571 – 1 Samuel 1-2 (Hannah and Samuel)


BOM-BITES Episode #571 – 1 Samuel 1-2 – powered by Happy Scribe

Hey guys.

Derek from Bomsocks with More Bom Bites, where we feast upon the words of Christ, one bite at a time.

So far, we’ve talked to you about Ruth. We’ve talked to you about Boaz in our efforts to try to help us understand how to deal with things when they don’t quite turn out our way. And there’s some great lessons there in that book of Ruth we’re now getting in the book of First Samuel. Just the first couple of chapters I hear are very instructive as we are introduced to a faithful woman by the name of Hannah. Now, Hannah has kind of a rough situation, as we often see in the Old Testament.

When you’ve got a good faithful woman.

It seems like always attached to that.

Good faithful woman is the inability to.

Be able to give birth to children. And it’s a tough, frustrating thing to see. I know there’s others out there who understand that it’s a difficult thing.

It says in verse two, it says, she has no children.

Now her husband had two wives. One could have children and the other one couldn’t. And it seems like the other one has given Hannah a lot of grief there. So it’s really difficult for Hannah. Some of the verbiage that Hannah uses in this chapter is very you feel bad for her. Verse ten, for example, she was in bitterness of soul, prayed unto the Lord, wept sore. Verse eleven, she vowed a vow and covenants again to the Lord are very meaningful. He is a God of Covenant keeping. She said, O Lord of host, if thou wilt indeed look upon the affliction of thine handmade and remember me and not forget thine handmade. I love that. But we’ll give unto thy handmade a manchild, then will I give him unto the Lord all the days of his life. There should be no razor come upon his head, which we talked about that a little bit with Samson. She wants to dedicate him to the Lord with ESB and Nazareth. And so you’ve got Hannah outside the temple. I can just picture her praying. She’s mouthing the words and all of a sudden this priest named Eli, Eli comes up to her and he’s just like, he’s looking at it.

He’s like, oh, this lady is drunk. So he’s ready to kick her out of the temple. Verse 15, it says, Hannah answered and said, no, my Lord, I am a woman of sorrowful spirit. I have drunk neither wine nor strong drink, but I have poured out my soul before the Lord. And so then Eli sees her faith and blesses her and just says, Lord is going to be super kind to you. You keep being faithful and what happens? Verse 19, it says, the Lord remembered her. Verse 20, it came to pass when the time was come about after Hannah had conceived that she bear a son and called his name Samuel, saying, Because I have asked him of the Lord. The word Samuel. We actually have a son by the name of Samuel. It means God hears you, and I love that. Verse 27. As she takes Samuel to the temple to Eli for this child, I prayed.

And the Lord hath given me my petition, which I asked of him.

Now, what’s cool. Let me come back to that in a second right here. But you go over to chapter two. The first ten verses are a beautiful song that Hannah does that she just shows praise to the Lord. In fact, verse number one, for example, Hannah prayed and said, My heart rejoices in the Lord. My Horn is exalted in the Lord. The word Horn, the footnotes says, use figuratively means power and capacity. So my capacity is exalted in the Lord. My mouth is enlarged over my enemies because I rejoice in Thy Salvation. There is none Holy is the Lord, for there is none beside thee. Neither is there any rock like our God. Her prayer is beautiful.

Now come, follow me.

One of the things it says is, My heart can rejoice in the Lord. After Hannah took young Samuel to the temple, she spoke beautiful words of praise to the Lord, recorded in one Samuel Two, one through ten, which I just referenced. These words are even more moving when you consider that a short time earlier she was, as we said, in bitterness of soul and web sore. As you study these verses, what messages do you find that increase your feelings of praise and gratitude to the Lord? Perhaps Hannah’s song will inspire you to find a creative way to express your gratitude to the Lord. A song, a painting, an act of service, or anything that communicates your feelings towards him. Now, this part is crucial. Of course, not all fervent prayers are answered the way that Hannah was. Now, there’s a reference to President Dieter Fuktor’s message, grateful in any circumstances. It’s a wonderful talk. I’d recommend you reading it. What can you do that can help you when your prayers aren’t answered in.

The way that you hope?

So as I look at this story right here, the principal asking, you shall receive is very much a part of this. That’s one of the things that you can do when you feel like you’re struggling in life. Ask the Lord, keep covenants with him. But what happens when things do not turn out the way that you’d hoped they would? Well, my thoughts on this and I’ve seen this in my own life, but I still struggle with this as well. So when you pray to the Lord and you don’t always get what you want, sometimes that experience becomes extremely beneficial to you and you end up getting something even better. For example, one of the things that I’ve cross referenced here is I’ve cross referenced to the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus is teaching in Matthew chapter seven. So I’ve referenced this to one Samuel, chapter one, verse 27, where she said.

I’ve asked, and the Lord has given me.

So you go over to Matthew, chapter seven, verse seven. When it says, ask and it shall.

Be given, you, seek, and Ye shall.

Find, knock, and it shall be opened unto you. It’s one of the most often referenced things from the savior. He is generous for everyone that askth receiveth, and he that seek, findeth and to him that knocketh and it shall be opened. Or what man is there of you whom, if his son asks bread, Will he give him a stone? Or if he asks a fish, Will he give him a serpent? And I love this verse. If Ye then being evil or being natural man, being a normal human who sins know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your father, which is in heaven, Give good things to them that ask him? So I’ve connected that verse back to Hannah because she asks and the Lord gives, the Lord gives her what she desires. And again, you and I have been through situations where we’ll ask. We won’t always get the thing that we desire. But I can testify to you and I know this is true that Lord will always give you better than what you ask. If you’re asking for certain things, I think it comes down to the fact that you just want to be able to find that happiness.

And what happens is it doesn’t always come that way. Sometimes it does, sometimes it does. God knows how to do it.

God is good at what he does.

He’s so good at what he does.

I know that’s kind of a no brainer statement. He’s good at what he does. He knows you.

He is perfect. He is omnipotent. He is omniscient.

And I’ve created the word.

I’ve said this before.

He is omnipotence.

He will give you what he feels.

Is the greatest thing for you? He knows your heart? He knows what you desire? And sometimes what we’re asking for might not be the thing that we want? But the Lord still knows our happiness and he wants us to be happy, so he’s going to give us that thing. It’s one of those things where you have faith in the Lord you ask and you shall receive but trust that.

He is going to give you what.

You desire and it might not be.

In the way that you ask for.

It, but it’s going to come to you. And I believe that is true and I’ve seen it happen. So if things aren’t going your way.

Ask the Lord and then watch the miracles happen.

I know that’s true. Thanks for watching. Thanks for subscribing and thanks for sharing these messages. We’re so grateful that you do that. And please go check out our amazingly comfortable gospel theme socks@bombsox.com.

God speed.

See you tomorrow. Bye.

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