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The Purpose and Meaning of Life according to Mormons (members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

Where did we come from? Why are we here on earth? And where do we go after we die? We’ve all asked these questions hoping to discover the purpose of life. Mormons—more properly referred to as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—believe that God has a plan for us. It’s called the plan of salvation, and it contains the answers to life’s questions. Jesus Christ is the central figure in God’s plan.

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VIDEO: Book of Mormon Live-Action Series Nears Completion of Season Three and Releases First Trailer

The Book of Mormon. Is it a musical? Is it history? Is it scripture? What is this book that teaches of Jesus Christ and brings hope and joy to so many people around the world? It’s the story of a man and wife and their descendants trying to serve God the best they can. Lehi, a prophet in Jerusalem around 600 BC, was warned by God to flee with his family to avoid death or deportation. This series of videos will take you on their journey into the wilderness, across the ocean to a new promised land, and through the subsequent events of a thousand years of growth, cultural development and decay, political and military campaigns, and above all, the personal ministry of the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. Prophets among this people saw our day and left a message that offers hope and help to all.

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BOOK OF MORMON CENTRAL: Evidences of the Book of Mormon (Old World Geography)

Have you ever wondered where in the world Nephi and his family traveled before they set sail for the Americas? For many years, researchers have been carefully studying Nephi’s account in 1 Nephi and comparing it with the known geography of ancient Israel and the Arabian Peninsula. Amazingly, nearly every travel detail in his record can now be connected with some plausible site, route, or ancient custom or practice.

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