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Business In Utah: Deseret Business Watch update by David Politis

Owlet SPAC, HealthEquity Money Raise, and More (The Week of Feb. 15-21 in Review)

Owlet SPAC, HealthEquity Money Raise, and More (The Week of Feb. 15-21 in Review)

Baby monitor company, Owlet, hits Unicorn status as it announces plans to “Go Public” via a SPAC-merger; HealthEquity raised $400 million; and eight other business news items of note

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Back when terrestrial radio was king, a fairly common phrase shared over the air by disc jockeys was, “And the hits just keep on coming.”

Lately a similar phrase could truthfully be uttered about Utah’s business community.

Case in point, it’s rare that a company catapults from a $24 million Series B round of funding to a billion dollar valuation 30 months later … without raising any additional funds. But it happened last week in Utah.

The company in question is Lehi-based Owlet Baby Care, and it all went down last week when Owlet announced it is merging into a Special Purpose Acquisition Company, a move that gives Owlet a valuation of over $1 billion valuation pre-merger.

The SPAC Owlet is merging into is known as Sandbridge Acquisition Corporation, and like other blank-check companies, Sandbridge was established specifically to find an existing firm (with real revenue, potential or both) that it can merge into and take public instantly.

The four main differences between a SPACmerger and a reserve-shell merger are

  1. The combined company will have real money in its bank account post-merger,
  2. Shares of the post-merger company will be listed on a major stock exchange (in this case, the NYSE), and generally the combined company will have
  • Market makers supporting the stock, as well as
  • Financial analysts following and reporting on the post-merger company.

As per the Owlet/Sandbridge Investor Presentation, post-merger,

Owlet will net $325 million from its SPACmerger;

  • Its shares will be listed on the NYSE under the stock symbol OWLT;
  • Existing shareholders have agreed to an 18-month lockup (meaning they cannot sell their shares for at least a year-and-a-half post-merger); and
  • The lockup also applies to those investors putting money into the deal pre-merger.

Owlet Investor Presentation cover slide

Additionally, the Investor Presentation projects annual Owlet revenue jumping to over $1 billion in 2025, up from estimated 2020 revs of $75 million.

NOTE:  If you don’t know Owlet, its flagship product is the Smart Sock baby monitor. And Owlet plans to expand into Telehealth and what it defines as the “Connected Nursery.”

Overall, this SPACmerger is huge news for Owlet, its investors, parents with infants (or those planning to be parents), and Utah’s business community.

So congrats all the way around.

HealthEquity Public Offering Raises $400 Million

Draper-based HealthEquity (NASDAQ:HQY) raised $400 million in a secondary public offering last week.

HealthEquity is the largest non-bank Health Savings Account custodian in the country, with over $14.3 billion in HSA assets under management.

Currently, HealthEquity helps over 12 million people manage their HSAs, through over 100,000 employers and more than 175 health plan partners.

For its fiscal year ended January 31, HealthEquity had revenue of between $729 million to $733 million and expects profits of up to $8 million for the year.

As of Sunday evening, HealthEquity has a market valuation of over $6.5 billion.

XANT Lead-to-Sales-Conversion Insights

A week ago I wrote fairly extensively about free monthly reports being offered by Sandy-based Analytic Index that provided insights into paid and organic keyword usage on both and Walmart. And I still highly recommend looking into these reports if you work in direct-to-consumer marketing, sales, or eCommerce.

However, Lehi-based XANT shared some pretty interesting research insights itself last week that I also feel are worth exploring, especially if your company is interested in transforming leads into customers.

In summary, XANT examined three years of data from over 400 companies that had generated 5.7 million marketing leads that produced over 55 million sales activities. And what did XANT discover from its analysis?

  • Lead-to-Conversion rates are 8X higher for those sales teams that respond within 5 minutes from when a lead is generated vs. those who wait to respond after 6 or more minutes;
  • Unfortunately, less that 1/10th of 1% of all leads are contacted within 5 minutes;
  • In fact, 57% of all attempted contacts take longer than a week, and
  • 77% of all leads are never contacted.
  • It also turns out that 81% of all salespeople make 5 or fewer attempts to contact a lead, yet
  • Those salespeople who make 7 or more follow-up attempts yield 15% more connections.
  • Additionally, the best time to attempt a contact is between 9—10am (where the contact is based), which is 28.4% higher than the full day average.
  • The best day to attempt to contact a lead is Tuesday; conversely, the worst days are Wednesday and Friday. (BTW: Monday and Thursday are ~25% less effective than Tuesdays.)

BTW, if you don’t know, XANT was originally known as InsideSales.

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ICYMI: The “Five Utah Metros Recognized” Feature Story

Consider this a postscript, but last Thursday we took a deep-dive into the Milken Institute’s newly published Best-Performing Cities 2021 Report and the fact that the Report recognized five Utah cities for their strengths vs. hundreds of cities nationwide. You can get the details at “Five Utah Metros Recognized.” Thank you.

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