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A New Years Resolution from Captain Moroni

It’s New Years time again. That introspective time where we reflect over the past year and resolve that this year we are surely, most definitely going to start that novel, get that promotion, pay off that credit card, and lose that gut. Oh yeah, and world peace. But if we could add one more goal to our list, let’s add this one: to be more like Captain Moroni and never compromise with evil.
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The Reachable God LDS Mormon

The Reachable God

“Nothing is going to startle us more when we pass through the veil to the other side than to realize how well we know our Father and how familiar his face is to us.”
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Summer jams

Signs and Spiritual Eclipses (from Power In The Book)

Ever seem like God was always showing signs to people in the scriptures? Kind of wish you could see one yourself? The Nephites demonstrate to us that’s actually a bad idea. Put on your spiritual eclipse glasses, because in today’s Power in the Book of Mormon​ post, we’re going into the Book of Mormon to talk about miraculous signs (and why we should be grateful there aren’t a lot of them).
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These are our days

While it is appropriate to look back on the past and glean the lessons from the past, we cannot afford to sacrifice the present to stay there.
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Smooth smoothies

“Many Revelations Daily”

When is the last time you remember receiving revelation? If a reporter or a friend or one of your children were to ask you, what could you say? Has it been a few hours? Days? Years?
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How can we develop such “unwearyingness” in the face of rejection, persecution, or adversity? How can we keep cheerfully climbing and climbing when it seems we are not gaining any altitude? How can we not just endure, but endure it well by ourselves?
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