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Find Out Where & When to Go to Church With LDS Ward Finder App

Anyone with an iOS device will tell you that in the last few years the bar for quality in an app has raised dramatically. It’s not just about finding an app that can do what you need anymore; it’s about deciding which one. Functionality is not enough anymore we need our apps to be easy to use and nice to look at. LDS Ward Finder ($1.99) for iOS from Lift Games is both of those. It is as simple as typing in part of or a full address and the information about the ward for that area comes up. It looks nice and works great. Those...

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Use Google Voice to Keep in Touch with Youth

We previously told you how Google Voice can help Bishops and other leaders. This guest post from Micah Stubblefield tells you how to use its texting feature to keep in touch with youth. Do you hate sending text messages? I didn’t have a cell phone until I was married and by that point text messages seemed silly.  What a pain to type a meaningful message on a cell phone!  I am on a computer all day so I prefer email. Now I am the first counselor in the Young Men’s presidency and the main form of communication of my...

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Daily Scripture Delivered to Your Kindle

MLH reader Jake Nielson sent us the following step-by-step hack to get a scripture delivered to your Kindle daily. It’s a bit technical in that you have to setup a dedicated Blogger blog, just get an RSS feed that can be sent to your Kindle, but its a great way to make it work, and the ideas could help you accomplish other hacks. Install Calibre Run through the Calibre setup wizard and input your personal email address, so Calibre can use it to send documents to your Kindle email. Calibre integrates best with Gmail but most email accounts should...

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Living the Whole Word of Wisdom

…and we’re back, with an amazing guest-post by Skip Hellewell from Word of Wisdom Living on how to hack your health, using the Word of Wisdom, and the Spirit as your guides. Almost two centuries ago Joseph Smith brought forth the Word of Wisdom. Considering the overwhelming complexity of nutrition science, it was a breathtakingly simple document. Seven basic rules: three of them prohibitions, four of them prescriptions (wholesome fruits and herbs, sparing meat, whole grains) defined our diet. It took the Church 90 years to master the prohibitions—up until 1921 you could chew tobacco, drink coffee, or a little alcohol as long as...

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