Dc12 joseph smith statue gardens slc Revelation was still a relatively new concept for the Saints as the Restoration continued to unfold.

VIDEO: What Would You Do If God Did Something You Felt Contradicted the Bible?


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Nicodemus in “@The Chosen ” asks a great question.


The Bible undoubtedly has the words of God, but, “If God did something that you felt contradicted the [Bible], would you tell Him to get back in that box that you have carved for Him? Or would you question your interpretation of the [Bible]?”


So, are God’s actions restricted to a certain way the Bible is interpreted?

Some of the Jews thought that 2000 years ago. God did something “unexpected.” Expected by prophets since the beginning, but unexpected by the people at the time. The Man who claimed to be their long-awaited Messiah did not come in the way they expected. Who He was, what He taught, and the church He established was not what they expected. Because He wasn’t what fit their own set idea of what scripture said He would be, they didn’t believe it, and they crucified Him.


Fast forward about 1800 years, God did something else “unexpected” to a world containing hundreds of different churches, each with different interpretations of the Bible. Again, expected by prophets since the beginning, but unexpected by the people at the time. This is what happened:


God the Father and that same Messiah, Jesus Christ, appeared to a boy named Joseph Smith in 1820, and from that event forward, restored Christ’s original established church, His kingdom, in its fullness. A church with Jesus Christ at its head, prophets, apostles, miracles, priesthood authority, ordinances and covenants, ongoing revelation, and so forth. The Book of Mormon was also brought forth, as a second witness along with the Bible of the divinity of Jesus Christ.


Now here’s my interpretation of the Bible. Specifically this verse: “Jesus Christ (is) the same yesterday, and to day, and forever.” (Heb. 13:8) Many say that the amazing true story of God speaking to and leading His children ended with the last page of the Bible. But I’m here to tell you that story continues today! Right now! You’re living in a time where God is continually revealing His voice and His will to us by revelation through a living prophet, in the same way He’s done ever since the creation of mankind. How cool is that?!?


You may think that’s not cool though. Not Biblical. You may not believe me, and that’s ok. But I’d hope that you’d believe God Himself. I’d hope that you interpret the scripture James 1:5 as God being always willing to give knowledge to those who ask. He is omniscient, so He knows if what you’ve been told is true or not. So ask Him! Pray and ask how He feels about you, and you’ll quickly find out He loves you more than you can ever comprehend! And because He does, He’s more than willing to answer the simple yet monumental question “is this true or not?” Ask with an open heart, willing to act on that answer you receive, and then listen.


He will answer you by the power of the Holy Spirit. Because He loves you:)

“I don’t want to live in some bleak past where God cannot do anything new, do you?”

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