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3 Easy Ways to Incorporate More Scriptures in 2022


Do you ever struggle to read your scriptures? It’s important for your spiritual growth, but it can be hard to remember and stay engaged. Also, everyone’s study habits are different. Some people prefer a discussion, some prefer listening, some would rather journal, and so many other ways. If you’ve found yourself in a bit of a scripture-reading rut, or you just want to include more scripture in your daily life, here are a few easy ways to incorporate more scriptures in 2022.

1. Listen to  a Podcast

Podcasts are a wonderful way to get the element of group study, right in your own home or car. You also don’t have to speak with anyone and can listen to it on your own time. Podcasts like Seagull Book’s Come Follow Me podcast will assist you in your scripture study while keeping you up-to-date on the Come Follow Me curriculum. If you want to take it a step further, you can also purchase and use the “Real Talk, Real Life” study journal that goes with the podcast.

Other podcasts like “Don’t Miss This” can also help in your home scripture and Come Follow Me study.

Having a “group” study session where you can hear the ideas of podcasters on the material you are reading might help you spot something you hadn’t thought of before. There are so many other wonderful podcasts too. Be sure to find one that matches your pace and study preferences for great supplemental scripture study.

2. Sign up for A Scripture a Day

There are many email services you can sign up for that will send a daily scripture to your email. This can be used as a reminder to do some scripture study. If you’ve having an exceptionally busy day, you can also use the emailed verse as something to read and contemplate throughout your day. It’s always better to read something (no matter how small) than to read nothing.

3. Listen to Audio Scriptures

It seems like everyone is constantly on the go. Finding time to sit down and read can be a big challenge. So, log on to the church website, and listen to the scriptures being read to you. Simply go to the libraries drop down menu, select scriptures, select the book, then select the name of the section you’d like to read, then the chapter. Once you get to this page, look for the little blue icon with headphones. Click on that, and hit play. Away you go! You can listen on your commute, while you’re doing laundry, or running errands. It makes it much easier and more convenient to do scripture study in this way.


No matter how often you read scriptures, don’t be too hard on yourself! Making time for scripture study is important, but it’s more important that it’s meaningful. Even if you just listen to or read a little bit from the scriptures, as long as you ponder and later pray about it (if you have questions), you’re on the right track!

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