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A little over two years ago, I died.

My name is John and I’m an addiction survivor. You might wonder what an addiction survivor is. I will get to that here in a little bit. For eleven years of my life, I was a drug addict. I was taking approximately 600 bills a month.

You know, one day my son out of the blue walks up to me as you’re not my dad. I don’t like what the drugs are doing to you. I want my dad back.

Something no sun should ever have to say. I was bothered, but I am eternally grateful he did.

That was on October 8, 2011. That was the last three I used anything.

I find it interesting that it was my son that came to me. I think about God and how he sent his son to us.

And then I think about God. And now he sent my son to me.

You know, I everybody helps about a rock bottom.

I remember the night I hit rock bottom. On that night I threw my daughter and her husband and my brand new grandbaby out of my house. Told them I never wanted to see them again.

The next day, they moved a thousand miles away.

But that sweet little girl of mine, I think we had radar for and dad had a bad day.

About a month after I cleaned up, my wife and I split up, I lived on the streets for about five months.

As much as I hated that, I loved it when I look back on, it was a great teaching ground. I was a prescription guy. I took prescription painkillers. I didn’t know anything about street drugs or alcoholism, smoking or anything like that. So living on the streets, I got to learn about all those different things.

I got to learn about street drums and what a big problem they are for the homeless people. Alcoholism.

You know, I about a year after I cleaned up, I started helping out with the group I was going to for my recovery classes. Not two years into it. I started running my own meetings.

But I really wasn’t totally focused on recovery, at least on other people’s recovery. I’d help my co bill. Over two years ago, I died. I was dead for 18 minutes. I have a five week gap in my memory.

The only thing I can remember from that is a conversation I have with dog. I found myself sitting in a room and nothing special about the room. Just a room. I didn’t go towards the light or anything like that. Then I heard a voice and since Sun, I need your help.

I said, okay, what do you need? And he said, My children are killing themselves with drugs and alcohol. You walked the road for eleven years and came out good on the other side. Then I learned he had a bit of a sense of humor. He said, You’re welcome.

By the way. I just kind of get. And he said, I need you to be my guy. I need you to go down there and open your mouth to everybody to listen. And everybody that wants because they listen to you.

I said, okay, but I spent about five weeks in the hospital, and that’s the only thing I can remember from being in the hospital. So now we spent a lot of time helping folks in recovery. I don’t call myself a recovering at it. I call myself an addiction survivor. I am addiction is a disease.

You need to understand. The addiction is a disease. And I got it. I contracted the disease. Then I fought it, and I beat it.

And I live in a way that I won’t let ever let it happen again. I’m a survivor.

Anybody can be a survivor. You just got to want it bad enough. I am so grateful. It’s my father in heaven for showing compassion to me, for lifting me up out of the gutters.

And for showing me the way to be able to live on purpose and not on autopilot. Most of my life is done on autopilot. Now I live on purpose. I have the most beautiful women in the world that I call my wife. It was a new world for her living with an ex at it.

She helps me in a recovery process with other people. And I’m grateful for that. I love my father in heaven is done. Jesus Christ. And I’m grateful every day that I get another one.

But I get another day.

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