The stigma that surrounds mental health can be stifling . . .

The stigma that surrounds mental health can be stifling | Your story is worth telling. Your life is worth living.




Suicide is the leading cause of death in Utah for ages 10-24 and the second leading cause in the US in that same age group.

The stigma that surrounds mental health can be stifling.

I’ve been impacted by this myself. It is generational.

Your story is worth telling. Your life is worth living.

Anne Brown, Andy Proctor, CAPP, Gregory Cook, and others are doing some amazing things at the Cook Center for Human Connection. Along with Wonder Media, they’ve been working a a meaningful project that will educate, inform, and SAVE LIVES.

It’s called “My Life is Worth Living” and it’s the first animated series ever that models the human connection that is critical for suicide prevention.

USA TODAY published a pre-launch story on the series this morning. The series officially launches on August 18 and we will be launching weekly episodes until the end of the year.

If you are struggling or know someone who is struggling, this series can help.

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