Michale mcclean forgotten carols faith crisis not alone tofw

Michael Mclean on what we do when we feel nothing. A review of his faith crisis.

Michael Mclean had a faith crisis? I grew up on his songs, and the composer and author of the songs that helped shape my teenage faith had questions? Watch these videos. They will show you that the Lord loves each of us–individually and personally. And EACH of us must face a similar crucible of doubt to really break through and become who we should be.
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Is there a Place for Me? - LDS.org Mormon Mormon Gay

“The diversity we find now in the (LDS) Church may just be the beginning” says Elder D. Todd Christofferson

In the video entitled “Is There a Place for Me?,” Elder Christofferson says a wide range of people can bring different gifts and perspectives to the Church. The experiences, backgrounds, and challenges that people face will show the Church what is really essential in the Gospel of Christ. Much of the rest that has been acquired over time and is much “more cultural than doctrinal” can “slip away.”
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