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VIDEO: Come Follow Me (Insights into the Book of Mormon Internal Geography Map)

As a resource to our Come, Follow Me lesson on Alma 17–22 (June 22–28), we’ve created a second video to help readers better understand the map of the Book of Mormon. It’s remarkable how consistent this map is. It witnesses of the divinity of the Book of Mormon, as something that Joseph Smith could not have made up himself. Most of all, it testifies of Christ.

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VIDEO: #ComeFollowMe Alma 13-16: Why Did Alma Respond in the Way He Did to the “Order of Nehor” in Ammonihah? (Book of Mormon Central Knowhy #566)

The people of Ammonihah were of the order of Nehor, so it can be useful to consider Alma’s teachings to them, especially in Alma 12-13, as a response to the five main teachings of Nehor summarized in Alma 1:3-4. In this light, it becomes clear why Alma focused on the plan of redemption and the true order of the priesthood.

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COME, FOLLOW ME LESSON AIDS: Book of Mormon Lesson 20: May 18–24 “They Were Called the People of God” Mosiah 25-28

Mosiah 25: The descendants of Mulek at Zarahemla become Nephites—They learn of the people of Alma and of Zeniff—Alma baptizes Limhi and all his people—Mosiah authorizes Alma to organize the Church of God. About 120 B.C.

Mosiah 26: Many members of the Church are led into sin by unbelievers—Alma is promised eternal life—Those who repent and are baptized gain forgiveness—Church members in sin who repent and confess to Alma and to the Lord will be forgiven; otherwise, they will not be numbered among the people of the Church. About 120–100 B.C.

Mosiah 27: Mosiah forbids persecution and enjoins equality—Alma the younger and the four sons of Mosiah seek to destroy the Church—An angel appears and commands them to cease their evil course—Alma is struck dumb—All mankind must be born again to gain salvation—Alma and the sons of Mosiah declare glad tidings. About 100–92 B.C.

Mosiah 28: The sons of Mosiah go to preach to the Lamanites—Using the two seer stones, Mosiah translates the Jaredite plates. About 92 B.C.

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COME, FOLLOW ME LESSON AIDS: Book of Mormon Lesson 19: May 11–17 Mosiah 18-24 We Have Entered into a Covenant with Him

Mosiah 18: Alma preaches in private—He sets forth the covenant of baptism and baptizes at the waters of Mormon—He organizes the Church of Christ and ordains priests—They support themselves and teach the people—Alma and his people flee from King Noah into the wilderness. About 147–145 B.C.

Mosiah 19: Gideon seeks to slay King Noah—The Lamanites invade the land—King Noah suffers death by fire—Limhi rules as a tributary monarch. About 145–121 B.C.

Mosiah 20: Some Lamanite daughters are abducted by the priests of Noah—The Lamanites wage war upon Limhi and his people—The Lamanite hosts are repulsed and pacified. About 145–123 B.C.

Mosiah 21: Limhi’s people are smitten and defeated by the Lamanites—Limhi’s people meet Ammon and are converted—They tell Ammon of the twenty-four Jaredite plates. About 122–121 B.C.

Mosiah 22: Plans are made for the people to escape from Lamanite bondage—The Lamanites are made drunk—The people escape, return to Zarahemla, and become subject to King Mosiah. About 121–120 B.C.

Mosiah 23: An account of Alma and the people of the Lord, who were driven into the wilderness by the people of King Noah.

Mosiah 24: Amulon persecutes Alma and his people—They are to be put to death if they pray—The Lord makes their burdens seem light—He delivers them from bondage, and they return to Zarahemla. About 145–120 B.C.

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Book of Mormon Central “Celebrating the Restoration Reading Plan” March 30–April 4 #HearHim by Jack Welch

To prepare for General Conference on April 4, 2020, Jack Welch has prepared a five-day Reading Plan to study the Restoration. On each day, Jack Welch gives commentary on an important piece of research that helps elucidate some aspect of the Restoration, with special emphasis on the First Vision.

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