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Chromecast Videos, Presentations, & Pictures at Church

Editor’s note: you can always plug a laptop, tablet, or cell phone into a library TV directly, to display videos, images, and presentations at an LDS Church building. You can even use a Chromecast. But if you do that, there’s a chance someone else connected to LDSAccess, will notice the “cast” button in one of their apps, and decide to be funny, by tapping said “cast” button, and changing what’s on the TV. It could ruin a lesson or drive out the Spirit. Fortunately Kevin Wheat posted on Google+, an alternative method: I initially used a LTE hotspot to Chromecast while at church....

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Get Free Frequent Flyer Miles to Visit LDS Church History Sites

I want to stand in the Sacred Grove. I’d like to see Carthage Jail. How cool would it be to visit the Hill Cumorah? What if I told you that you could do all of these things and pay little to nothing for your flights, hotels, and even your rental car? If you’re like me before 3 years ago, these are “someday” dreams – timeless hopes without a basis for execution. Always prefaced by qualifiers like “It would be nice to…” or “If only we didn’t have hospital bills…” these ephemeral aspirations were little more than fantasies, and certainly...

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5 Ways Makes Mission Prep Easier

Guest post by Alex Balinski When I received my mission call to Argentina in 2008, I wish there had been a resource like When I received my call, I was ecstatic to watch anything about Argentina. Unfortunately back then there were only one or two documentaries about Argentina we could find at the library. Now, with the explosion of Youtube, I no longer have difficulty finding videos about Argentina—I just have the difficulty of sifting through all the videos out there to find informative videos I actually want to watch. Often the videos I do find on YouTube...

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Use Scripture References for Easy-to-Remember, Secure Passwords

MLH reader Blake Webster shares an excellent tip to easily remember passwords, while keeping them safe and secure, by not using the same one everywhere. The passwords that we create for email, Facebook, bank accounts, Twitter, etc. all need to have a certain amount of letters, one capitalized letter, and a number or two as well. In order to achieve an easy to remember password, as well as one that will not be easily predicted or guessed by others, I simply use a verse of scripture as my password. At first I started using my favorite verses or chapters,...

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Find Out Where & When to Go to Church With LDS Ward Finder App

Anyone with an iOS device will tell you that in the last few years the bar for quality in an app has raised dramatically. It’s not just about finding an app that can do what you need anymore; it’s about deciding which one. Functionality is not enough anymore we need our apps to be easy to use and nice to look at. LDS Ward Finder ($1.99) for iOS from Lift Games is both of those. It is as simple as typing in part of or a full address and the information about the ward for that area comes up. It looks nice and works great. Those...

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