Win LDS Android apps and an Ingress invite!

2012 MLH Giveaway 2: Android (including Ingress invite!)


Congratulations to our Giveaway 1 winners!

Congratulations to Matt Galloway and Tupou Taufa, the winners of our 1st giveaway.

Giveaway 2 is all about Android

Same rules as the last giveaway. This one ends Thurs. the 20th at midnight Pacific. Winners announced Fri morning, along with the details for the next one. I haven’t had time to verify if all the included apps are available on the Amazon Appstore. If you win and have a Kindle Fire tablet, you’ll have to choose between receiving the only ones that are available on the Amazon Appstore, and receiving all of them on Google Play. Sorry just the stupid logistics of Amazon doing their own.

Win LDS Android apps and an Ingress invite!
Win LDS Android apps and an Ingress invite!

Prizes for Giveaway 2

To start things off, we’ve got some great Android apps, an Ingress invite, and some posters!

  • Ingress invite! Yes, we’ve got one. The awesome new augmented reality game from Google is currently exclusive to Android, and only available to those with an invite. Thanks to Paul Jewkes of, who offered his invite up for this giveaway!
  • LDSScriptures apps – this the bestselling—and in my opinion still the best—Mormon scriptures app available. You get the Android or Kindle Fire app, and the desktop version.
  • KidsCare security app – this is an excellent app that lets you set “users” for your children on your Android device. You then assign which apps each user has access to. This allows you to let them only play games or watch Netflix, without deleting your contacts or sending your business contacts cryptic emails… from you. (MLH review coming soon)
  • LDS Hymns Sing Along & Children’s Sing Along – 2 apps that are great entertainment for your children, while teaching them the hymns and primary songs. Provided by Apps by Lift.
  • Daily Verse – meaningful scriptures, quotes and hymns delivered every day to help you get your day started right. Provided by Apps by Lift.
  • Bible Maps – just like the Bible maps in your scriptures, only optimized for mobile. Read our review of this app.
  • Army of Helaman Real Heroes Poster – provided by

Don’t know what Ingress is? Here’s a video that’ll probably leave you with more questions than answers, but it’s a start:


This will have 2 winners. The 1st will receive 1 of each of the above prizes. The 2nd place will receive the KidsCare, LDS Hymns Sing Along, Children’s Sing Along, Bible Maps, and Daily Verse apps.

Enter the Drawing

To enter is simple. All you have to do is fill out the below form. That will give you one entry. But you can receive multiple entries by doing certain things. Here’s what to do to receive additional entries:

  • 2 Entries – Register for our new MLH email list! Sign up for our email list by checking the box when you fill out the form below. You’ll receive new posts on MLH in your inbox, and other occasional updates. If you did this for the previous Giveaway, you still get 2 entries.
  • 1 Entry per share – Publicly share this giveaway on any major social network (the quickest way is to use the buttons at the bottom of this post).
  • 1 Entry total – Follow MLH on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.
  • 1 Entry per share – Publicly share on any major social network.
  • 1 Entry total – Follow LDSScriptures on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.
  • 1 Entry total – Follow AtoZion on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.
  • 1 Entry total – Share on any major social network.
  • 1 Entry per – Tweet or +1 any of this Giveaway’s LDS apps on the Google Play store: LDSScriptures, KidsCare, LDS Hymns, Children’s Sing, Daily Verse, Bible Maps.
  • 2 Entries – sign up for the Lift Apps email list.
  • 1 Entry – Sign up for an account.
  • 1 Entry per share – Publicly share on any major social network.

If you’re already following an MLH or social account or already have an account, or have already signed up for the MLH email list, you don’t need redo any of those. Just check the appropriate boxes below to get additional entry’s. But any social shares have to be for THIS giveaway. So you’ll need to share this post, or reshare or, or share them on a different social network from last time. So sharing for the last giveaway doesn’t give you any entries on this one. Social networks that count for sharing: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, & Reddit. Enter below. And remember: this ends at Midnight Pacific time tomorrow night.

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