Come, Follow Me New Testament Lesson 30 July 29–August 4 Acts 22–28 “A Minister and a Witness” Mormon LDS Sunday School

COME, FOLLOW ME LESSON AIDS: July 29–August 4 Acts 22–28 “A Minister and a Witness”

Acts 22: Paul recounts the story of his conversion and also tells of seeing Jesus in a vision—He is accorded some privileges as a Roman citizen. Acts 23: Paul is smitten at Ananias’s order—The Lord again appears to Paul—Forty Jews plot his death—He is delivered over to Felix. Acts 24: Paul is accused of sedition—He answers in defense of his life and doctrine—He teaches Felix of righteousness, temperance, and the judgment to come. Acts 25: Paul, before Festus, appeals unto Cæsar—Agrippa desires to hear Paul. Acts 26: Paul recounts his former persecution of the Saints as a Pharisee—He testifies of the appearance of Jesus on the Damascus road—Paul bears his testimony to King Agrippa. Acts 27: Paul, in a perilous voyage, travels toward Rome—An angel comforts him—He uses the gift of seership—He is shipwrecked. Acts 28: Paul is unharmed by a viper’s bite—He heals the sick in Melita—He preaches in Rome, first to the Jews and then to the Gentiles.
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