Come, Follow Me New Testament Lesson 31: August 5–11 Romans 1–6 “The Power of God unto Salvation”

COME, FOLLOW ME LESSON AIDS: August 5–11 Romans 1–6 “The Power of God unto Salvation”

Romans 1: The gospel is the power of God unto salvation through Jesus Christ—The wrath of God rests on those guilty of murder, homosexual practices, fornication, and other sins if the guilty do not repent. Romans 2: God will render to every person according to his or her deeds—Both Jews and Gentiles will be judged by gospel laws. Romans 3: Man is not justified by the law of Moses—He is justified through righteousness, which comes through faith in Christ, made possible through Christ’s atoning sacrifice. Romans 4: Abraham’s faith was accounted to him for righteousness—Man is justified by faith, righteous works, and grace. Romans 5: Man is justified through the blood of Christ—Adam fell, and Christ atoned that man might be saved. Romans 6: Baptism is in similitude of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ—The wages of sin is death—Christ brings eternal life.
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