VIDEO: Self-Compassion — Be Kind to Yourself

What’s your personal well being and self-kindness regimen?


In business and family life (and life in general), we are often our harshest critics. Self-care matters. Self-kindness is often the part of self-care that matters most.

Some tips I have found to be helpful in taking care of my own personal well being and self-kindness regimen . . .

1. Make your overall health and wellness a priority.
Don’t let taking care of others stop you from caring for yourself. Find activities that replenish your mental, emotional, and physical reserves and find ways to incorporate them into your schedule regularly.

2. Don’t be ashamed of your big ❤️.
Don’t become overly immersed in the emotional highs and lows of others.

3. Remind yourself: Saying no is not selfish.
Boundaries are important—e all have a limited amount of time and resources to give.

4. Give yourself time to recharge.
Rest is key to functioning at optimal levels. Be honest with yourself and others when you are at max capacity.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
Listening ears and hearts abound. Be interested in others and help where you can, and also be open to asking for help from others. A supportive community can go a long way to helping in times of need.

Self kindness

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