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What the parables of the “lost” teach about Christ



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“Lost Sheep, Lost Coins, and Lost Meanings”

By Jenny Rebecca Rytting

A shepherd carrying a lamb
Three of the best known and most loved of Jesus’s parables occur together in the fifteenth chapter of Luke as a response to the Pharisees’ disapproval of Jesus’s association with sinners: the parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin (also known as the lost drachma or lost groat), and the lost (or prodigal) son. In the teaching and preaching traditions of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, these parables (especially the first two) have primarily been interpreted as a call for missionary work, particularly reactivation. But these parables have also been richly interpreted in moral and allegorical ways that strengthen the parables’ messages.
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“Wandering On to Glory”

By Patrick Moran

Does your life sometimes remind you of Bill Murray in Groundhog Day? Patrick Moran can relate. Read “Wandering On to Glory,” a personal essay about the journeys we take in life, which are sometimes interesting and adventurous, and other times mundane and repetitive.
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Come, Follow Me

Genesis 12–17; Abraham 1–2

“To Be a Greater Follower of Righteousness”

Joseph Smith Papyrus I. Church History Library, copyright Intellectual Reserve, Inc.
 Abraham the Patriarch was blessed with divine promises for himself and all people. The resources listed for study of Abraham 1-2 look at the Abrahamic covenant, the life of Abraham, and the history of the Egyptian artifacts studied by Joseph Smith.
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“In the Garden”

By John Alba Cutler

Church history symposium event
Our friends at the BYU Religious Studies Center have announced a conference: “Latter-day Saints and Religious Liberty,” on March 10-11, 2022. Register to attend in person or watch the event online.
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“Rod Tip Up”

By Clark S. Monson

Bob, Bob, and Tom Monson
On February 3, 2008, Thomas S. Monson began his service as President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He also had a lifelong love of fishing. In “Rod Tip Up!” his son Clark Monson shares memories of fishing together on the Provo River. Read or listen to Clark share these stories here.
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