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What is the easiest way to record your life story and family history? Check out


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Personal history. Family history. Life stories.

What is the best way to record them and keep them intact for future generations?

And how do we best utilize technology to help us in these efforts? Are there any “off the shelf” products that can be used?

Enter LIFEY.

  • Lifeys are easy to record and 100% free (a donation is accepted and welcomed).

  • Lifeys are shared in an interactive video player, giving you the ability browse to specific stories and insights.

  • Lifeys are easy to share on your personal blog or social media profiles. Simply paste a line of code, and it’ll appear.

  • Lifeys are recorded in Super HD, so it feels like you’re actually there. Even your grandchildren will be impressed.


Want to get started? Watch this easy video that discusses how to create bullet points about what you want to talk about (so you don’t go in cold).


You’ve really got to see samples to get the full idea of how good these are! Check out a few HERE!

There is also a Lifey YouTube channel. 

Watch a few of these great examples below:




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