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On the Set | Cast | Book of Mormon Video – powered by Happy Scribe

Hi, I’m Stewart.

And I’m Kaitlyn.

We are back here on set of the Book of Mormon videos. Because of the record that was kept of Jesus Christ’s appearance, we learn of the one by one ministry that he does so well.

In this video, we’ll be talking to cast members and background artists which have been putting themselves in the role of being minister to you by Jesus Christ.

On Tuesday, actually, when we were filming the previous attention, I had a super cool moment because just like, seeing him come down and feeling what those people would have felt and how real it was, it’s never been so real to me because there’s actually, like, somebody there. They were surrounded by destruction, but the only thing that mattered was that the savior was there. And now the destruction went away, but the savior was there.

I think it’s not just acting, but we can feel the spirit. I felt like I was the only person there until I started looking around, you know what I mean? I felt like it was just me. In Christ, we can all have the same connection and not feel jealous or not feel like we’re better or we’re less.

It’s really cool to see how much they focus on individuals, and it kind of makes you think, like, wow, these were actual people that were there. And they each had individual suffering that they went through.

Just really brings it to life. And I think that it helps me to know that this stuff is actually real. These are real people with real stories, and it helps me to relate to them.

To me, we’re all here representing Christ. It’s really inspiring seeing the other cast, even the background actors. They’re clearly locked in and having a spiritual experience in that way. We’re all here doing exactly the same thing, which is showing our love for the Lord.

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