Jesus is Real: Calyann's Experience with the Book of Mormon

VIDEO: Jesus is Real: Calyann’s Experience with the Book of Mormon

Friends, fun, parties, and professional success—Calyann Barnett had it all! That was until Calyann discovered she lived in a prison of her own making.

Friends, fun, parties, and professional success—Calyann Barnett had it all! That was until Calyann discovered she lived in a prison of her own making. Through her willingness to put God’s promises to the test, she realized there was something in life she hadn’t yet experienced—the peace of knowing that Jesus Christ’s love is real and available to all. Everyone can find this peace if they’re willing to take the time to learn of Christ and listen to His words.

I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, and I have had some of the same thoughts about the scriptures she had issues with in the beginning. When I realized that God was not saying black skin was the curse but merely just a sign of those who had removed themselves from his influence, and the curse was to be separated from his spirit, it made more sense to me. What a beautiful testimony and experience! Love this lady! Thank you for sharing.

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I’m a Christian but after listening to your story I definitely want to read the Book of Mormon. Your story was completely divine.


If you can get past the barrier the world has stereo-typed towards religion – it’s a much happier place. Kudos to Calyann for her perserverance…this was a great, modern day story that I needed today.


The Book of Mormon IS True, it was saved for us in these last days…. it is powerful. It is Another testament of our Savior Jesus Christ. Read it, study it, pray to our Heavenly Father yourself and ask Him if what you’re reading is true. Be “sincere” and He Will answer. Thank you Calyann for sharing your awesome testimony 😇


…makes me wonder, “am I the type of person that others feel they can and would want to ask about my faith?”. 🤔 I could be better. Beautiful story…Alma’s my homeboy too. But Ammon’s probably my favorite.


Wow, this made ME cry! Glad I came across this and decided to watch it because wasn’t going to. Callyan’s an amazing woman with a great story and example.


Welcome, and congratulations CalyAnn!! Your story is incredible, God knows of his children whom he loves, and he knows what and when they need. I love it!


Her experience is almost identical to mine, except for one part.


Thanks for your conversion to a testimony of Jesus Christ. He loves all of us. His love came in the form of tears through the Holy Ghost. The Book Of Mormon testifies of Jesus Christ.


This is wonderful. What an honest person Callyan is! What really got me was the Pink behind Christ at the end. He is for each of us, His character reflects His Love for every individual and He Knows Them. I LOVE SAYING “JESUS IS REAL” and “GOD IS REAL”

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On my mission in Finland I met a lady who was hired to read the Book of Mormon to prove it wrong. She also felt the truthfulness it contains and joined the Church. The Book of Mormon is exactly what it claims to be: another testament of Jesus Christ. It contains the fulness of His Gospel and, goes hand in hand with the Bible.


Beautiful testimony of the Book of Mormon! Im a member and have a few friends investigating the church right now!


Welcome Calyann! We are all God’s children and that’s what matters most.


Loved this soo much! It brought me back to my conversion and how precious those moments where of finding out the Book Of Mormon was true. Getting baptized and physically feeling that new rebirth, same feeling with receiving the Holy Ghost. 💝


What a powerful and beautify conversion story. Thank you Calyann for your persistency and Carl for being brave to share the Gospel. I am a convert from Kazakhstan and forever grateful to find Gospel through the Book of Mormon. Please continue to share your story and inspire others. I felt uplifted today and reminded.


I love this story it really does warm the heart and makes you want to start reading the book of mormon again thanks so much for the story.💜


I love these little gems, they always make me teary eyed, as the spirit burns like fire in my heart! ❤


To be truly “born again” – YES! What a great story of conversion! Thank you for sharing your sweet spirit with us!


I love this SO MUCH!!!! Thank you for showing a non-typical Latter-Day Saint. Being a Latter-Day Saint in Utah is really rough. There seems to be this typical norm that you feel pressure to fit into. I love that her individuality and style shines through and adds to her faith and light.


Powerful! I’m so glad she decided to share her feelings and her journey, what a beautiful testimony and experience. God loves everyone, all people. Period. “All” really does mean “all”. This was an inspiring way to begin my morning! Thanks for posting this video!


A beautiful story and experience, thank you!


What a great, inspiring story. Bless this woman’s heart for sharing. It sounds like she is a great blessing to the people around her — particularly the 6,400 who have viewed this so far.


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