VIDEO: I left the LDS Church and promised to never return... until this happened | with Stephen Murphy | Saints Unscripted

VIDEO: I left the LDS Church and promised to never return… until this happened | with Stephen Murphy | Saints Unscripted


I realized that maybe there’s more credibility than a lot of the secondhand ones I was focusing on. I was like, Okay, I can see why to a believer. These seem like plausible evidence. So I was really looking at some of the evidence to support, but there were still all these issues that I had against that I felt like I couldn’t reconcile and I still felt like the critic’s position was the stronger one.

Hello, everybody. Welcome back to Saints Unscripted. We are here today with Steven Murphy. Steven is the.

Host of the Youtube channel Mormonism with the Murph. And it’s a relatively new channel. If you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out. But we’re going to hear Steven’s story today, which is going to be really exciting. Steven, maybe just tell us a little bit about yourself. Tell us where you’re from, your background in the Church or out of the Church, whichever may be the case. And we’ll jump into your story.

Awesome. I just have to say that I’m really excited and privileged to be interviewed on St. Scripter. I’ve been a follower and a fan of your show for years, and it’s been a part of my faith journey. So this is pretty awesome. That’s awesome. Yeah, a little bit about me.

Oh, I also failed to mention that I was a guest on your channel.

Long ago.

So it’s good to have you on ours.

Yeah, we had a great interview. So you’re turning the tables this time, interviewing me. But people should go check that one I learned about. The man behind the camera, David Storey, we had a really good chat about just faith crisis and researching Church history. So it’s really fun.

But you’re in the hot seat today.

I’m in the hot seat. I feel it. So I’m from Northern Ireland. People can tell from my accent. I was born in Belfast. I was born and raised in the Church. Both my parents were active members. I’m the youngest of three kids. I went to Church in primary. I was baptized at eighth. Whenever I was 12, I got the Aaronite priesthood and went through deacon, teacher, priest. I went to seminary. I went to EFYs and temple trips. I had a really good upbringing in the Church. I would have considered that I had a testimony. Whenever I was 14, I was experiencing a trial in my life. I was experiencing bullying at school, which caused a lot of emotional problems and anxiety. I wasn’t very spiritually minded growing up, but whenever you have a tough trial, it can humble you and cause you to turn to God for help. And it was around that time where the missionaries invited me to repreach my gospel and to study the missionary lessons and seek a testimony for myself. So I was reading about the master the message of the Restoration, Joe Smith’s First Vision, reading about the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, the past salvation, and the study about the atonement of Jesus Christ, and gospel principles, manuals, and was just studying the scriptures.

And after months of reading, I was just feeling that it was all true. It just all made sense in my heart and in my mind. I felt like I was an investigator, almost like hearing the restored gospel for the first time because I didn’t have a good gospel understanding. I just find church boring and the scriptures hard to understand growing up.

They were the waters that you had been swimming in your whole life. And so once you started to actually take a closer look at them, that’s when it became real to you, it sounds like.

Yeah. At age 14, my seed of faith was growing and I wanted to receive a spiritual witness. I did Woe’e Night’s Promise and read and prayed about the Book of Mormon and the Prophet Joseph Smith and just the plowed Salvation in general. And felt like I received a spiritual answer, burning in the bosom. And I also, during that time in my life, I felt like I came to know the City of Year in a very personal and a very intimate way. I felt his love and his peace, that his atonement wasn’t only that he suffered an atonement for my sins or overcame death, but that he truly suffered for all of our pains and all of our sorrows and experienced all of our suffering. And that brought me so much peace and comfort that he knew exactly what I was going through. And I also felt his grace and strength in overcoming some of the challenges that I had and felt that healing. And I had other just great spiritual experiences growing up in the Church and answers to prayer. So I had a testimony. I went on a mission. Whenever I was 19 years old, I went to the Canada Calvary Mission in good old Alberta, Canada.

I went to the program TC, which was just an amazing, just like spiritual bubble. And everyone was just so happy. And we were just all pumped up to share the gospel. I loved teaching the missionary lessons and on my mission, I was so gung ho. I had the greeny fire and I loved bearing my testimony and talking to people about the restored gospel and the Prophet Joe Smith in the Book of Mormon. I really felt like God was with me because I had some fears and some anxieties going on and talking to strangers and leaving home for two years. But I felt like the Lord was with me. I felt like spiritually guided and the Spirit was helping whenever I was talking about the Gospel. I just had so many amazing experiences. And it’s a beautiful place, a beautiful country. Had a great mission president, had so many great companions. And obviously, there’s tough times. There was a lot of rejection. There’s maybe one compliant I didn’t get along with. But overall, it was just a faith building experience. And there were times where I truly felt like I was an instrument in the Lord’s hands.

I felt like I saw miracles or I n just the relationships you build with the people you teach or the members you visit. And it’s amazing just the connections. So yeah, my mission was a great experience. I truly felt like I knew it was all true. I knew the gospel was true. I knew the scriptures were true. I had absolutely no doubts. And I felt completely converted when I came home. And I know I was serving and calling and I was active in the church and had the R M fire. What led me to have a faith crisis, because I’d never gone looking for anything critical of the church or cautioned. I was as members, don’t research anything that’s critical. Stay away from anything anti Mormon lies and it might pull you away from the church. But I had a family member who had lost their testimony and had issues with the church and Joseph Smith and Church history in general. I knew a few things. I knew about polygamy. I’d heard from watching the movie God’s Army. I don’t know if you’ve seen it.

I’ve heard a lot about it.

It’s a good movie. It’s class. But they mentioned there’s multiple accounts of the first vision, but I hadn’t read them. They also talked about how there are no horses in the Americas in that movie. So I’d heard a couple of things. I knew about the priesthood ban, but really, I didn’t know much about Church history, but I knew the scriptures pretty well. I felt like I was quite sound on doctrine. And I genuinely wanted to resolve her concerns. I wanted to bring her back because my mom had just passed away a few months after I mission, which was obviously a really devastating time. And during that time, it really brings you together as a family. You turn to the Gospel and you turn to the gospel and you turn to prayer. You and more. The Plow Salvation, I wanted to unite my family and have that forever family. My family member was a good person, and so I wanted to hear the concerns and try to resolve them. When she first started to tell me issues she had with Church history or Joseph Smith, my initial reaction is, There’s no way this is true. Where are you getting this information from?

This is all anti Mormon lies. T hen she would confirm some sources, either in the history of the Church or the Journal of Discourses and on the Gospel topics essays. It floured me, learning about Joseph Smith’s polygamy or about the book of Abraham or that Joseph Smith used a seer stone to translate the Book of Mormon or DNA and Native Americans. And I then was very interested and wanted to go down the deep dive. And I started listening to critical podcast and reading critical websites and reading books of prominent critics like Dan Vogeler, Graham Palmer, Sandra Turner. And over the next couple of months, I was just down the rabbit hole. So this was around October to December 2018. So I was home for a mission about a year and a half. I was having real doubts about the Church. I did have a couple of meetings with a priesthood leader, and I told him some of my concerns. He was quite informed and he was quite nuanced and he was able to validate some of the things I had issues with. And he tried his best to show empathy and to provide some answers.

And he told me, Go check out Farm Warman. And I looked at some apologetic answers and I didn’t find them convincing. So after a couple of months, my testamentary was just crumbling of the Prophet Joseph Smith of the Book of Mormon and of Prophets in general. I couldn’t reconcile my issues and all the information with my spiritual experiences. I came to the realization or conclusion one day that I just don’t believe it anymore. I don’t believe Joseph Smith is a Prophet. I didn’t believe the Book of Mormon was the Word of God, and I didn’t believe that this is the true Church. I was like, Well, guess I got to leave. I was serving in the colon at the time and I wrote a letter to my bishop. I had really positive things to say about my upbringing in the Church and about the experiences I had in my mission. I loved the Church so much. But I think the way I interpreted some of my spiritual experiences as I thought there were spiritual feelings based on only being told a certain narrative, a faith promoting version. And if I had have been told the full version, maybe I wouldn’t have had the same experiences or felt the same.

So I still held on to a belief in God and in Jesus. And I went on the Christianity route for a while, but I rejected all the warmness and stuff. So I wrote the letter and I did bullet points of all my concerns, almost like a mini CS letter, which ironically, I hadn’t read until after I left, but I was aware of pretty much all the same issues. So yeah, I left the Church. That was around December 2018. And it was both an exciting, thrilling time learning all this new information. And it was quite liberating, leaving. But also it was tough and it was sad as well. But I felt my integrity caused me that, I no longer believe so I’m going to leave. When you say you left, did you have your name removed from the records or did you just stop going? I just stopped going. I was considering it, but my dad, he was on a temple mission. And for my.

Mom’s sake, I thought it best not to remove my name.


By all intents and purposes.

I’d written a letter and I also put up a public post because I get a lot of people text me about it. And it was a very long post for why I’ve left the Church without going into all the details of all the specific reasons. So I did make it quite clear that I no longer believe and I’m no longer attending and not that I would have considered myself a hostile anti Mormon because I was still a nice guy. But yeah, I had all these issues and problems and I no longer believed. I made that very, very clear because I didn’t want to get hassle by people, which I did. A lot of people reaching out to me. Most of the time, people were really loving, really compassionate, really understanding. So kudos to 90 % of members who didn’t judge me or condemn me. That was really nice. There was a very small minority who were saying that I’ve been deceived, Satan’s got me, what about your eternal family? All that stuff. If somebody leaves the church, don’t give that rhetoric to them. It’ll just annoy them. It doesn’t help them trying to manipulate them or make them feel guilty to come back.

So I went on a dive into Christianity because I still couldn’t deny certain answers to prayer or the experiences I had with Christ in my youth and feeling like he was there for me. So I was reading the Bible. I was going to Christian churches. I was dating a Christian girl and I had a couple of meetings with ministers and I was looking for all the ways that Mormonism contradicts the Bible, which I’m sure you’re aware of a lot of those criticisms that I was like, Oh, yeah, this is definitely all not true. But I was very close to fully accepting Christianity. But over time, as I was really studying in-depth certain doctrine beliefs, such as maybe the Trinity or heaven and hell or predestination or faith versus works and trying to intellectually come to terms with those things, I became more disillusioned. A lso when I started to look at the Bible more critically and what biblical scholars were saying about maybe the literal history of the first few chapters of Genesis or the differences or contradictions in the Gospel accounts, and I would have just scrutinize Joseph Smith’s first vision in the different accounts and the differences, but I wasn’t applying the same scrutiny to the Bible.

There were some things that were troubling me in the Bible. I held the witnesses of the gold plates and just dismissed them. They’re not credible. But then I was like, how can I say I know that the witnesses of Christ are any more credible? How can I say that I know the Bible is true, that Paul’s inspired? So I started to become a lot more disillusioned with the Bible and questioning all my spiritual experiences. How do I know if there’s a Jesus? How do I know if there’s a God? And at the same time, people were reaching out to me and me and my dad would have lots of discussions about the Church. He’d always bring it up and I’d always beat him. I’d always debunk him with his wheezeley apologetic answers and we’d always go back and forth. But he sent me a video, I think it was a Ferrym oorman video of a guy called Bruce Porter. It was about the parallels between ancient Egyptian temple rituals and the temple and diamond. I’d come to the conclusion, there are similarities between free masonry and the temple and diamond. Smith was a free mason.

Seven weeks later, the temple and diamond came You just plagiarized from a mystery and put us in a spin on it. That was my conclusion. I didn’t really want to watch the episode because I didn’t want to hear anything that would support or be evidence for the Church. But at the same time, I was like, I need to be open minded, I’ll listen to it. I acknowledge I could see the parallels and I could see why to a believer they found it compelling, but it still didn’t change my mind. But I then started to go more of a deep dive into apologetics, the connections between ancient temple rites and early Christianity and even coronation ceremonies of monarchs to the temple and diamond. I could see the parallels, the Book of Enoch and the Dead Sea scrolls and Book of Giants. When I looked at the first hand statements of the witnesses of the gold plates, I realized that maybe there’s more credibility than a lot of the secondhand ones I was focusing on. When I looked at Nihon and Bountiful, I really looked at the evidences for that. I was like, Okay, I can see why to a believer, these seem like plausible evidence.

So I was really looking at some of the evidence to support, but there were still all of these issues that I had against that I felt like I couldn’t reconcile and I still felt like the critic’s position was the stronger one. But what was the catalyst was somebody sent me a talk by Elder Corbridge. This was around May of 2019. So I’ve been on his church for about five months. And it was entitled…

Down forever?

Down Forever. That was it. So I watched it. I actually watched it, I think, three or four times in a row.

And that’s an hour long.

Program, devotional? Yeah, I think maybe 30 or 40 minutes is a BIE devotional. Essentially his talking in a nutshell, and any of your listeners who haven’t watched it should go watch it. But he talks about a lot of people, even though they’re leaving the Church or having issues with church history. And he talked about people being just swamped and bombarded by all this antagonistic material against the church and the Prophet Joseph Smith. And he talked about how when he, as a General Authority, he went through a lot of this and the gloom he felt. And a critic would say, Yeah, well, you’re just gloomy because your religion is being debunked. That’s why you’re gloomy. But he said that God’s voice is not in those critical voices, and that gloom he felt was the absence of the Spirit. And he went on to talk about primary questions and secondary questions. And he said, Even if you try to find answers to all the secondary questions, you still can’t answer the primary ones. And he talked about the primary questions like, Is there a God who is our loving, heavenly father? Is Jesus Christ the Savior? Was Joe Smith the Prophet?

Is the Book of More than the Word of God? Is the Church of Jesus Christ, the Lordy Saints, the Lord’s true restored Church. And he talked about there’s different ways that you can know things. There’s the scientific method, the reason or analytical method, gathering all the information. And then he talked about the spiritual or divine method in trying to find truth. And I was listening to all what he was saying, but the part that really hit me, because I didn’t feel like anything intellectually would have convinced me to believe again. But at the very end of his talk, he held up the scriptures and he boldly said, Ask yourselves, ask God, are these lies, delusion or truth? And I’d come to the conclusion that either Joe Smith was just a false prophet, con man. He made it all up. He plagiarized the Book of War from the King James Bible and other books in his day. And he just made it up. Or he was a pious fraud who was sincere, but he still wasn’t a prophet. But I’d had experiences with the scriptures as a missionary, and it felt like I’d received no inspiration and revelation through them.

But obviously, I’d reinterpreted those spiritual experiences. But what he said, I didn’t feel like he was trying to manipulate me. I didn’t feel like he was trying to gaslight or just dismiss all the secondary issues because they’re important as well. But his message did sincerely touch my heart. And it was almost like my James 1.5. And I was more and more confused with the more research I was doing with apologetics and biblical scholarship and looking at all critical material. I was like, I’m just going to go back to God because I still believed there is a God despite all my doubts. But if I didn’t believe that God could speak to me, it’s like, what’s the point in believing in him? Because I’d lost faith in spiritual answers. They’re subjective. It’s not a reliable way of finding truth. People in other religions have spiritual experiences. How do you know you’re really feeling the Holy Ghost? But it came down to, if I believe there’s a God, then I have to believe he’s going to speak to me. So I decided I’m just going to lay all my concerns to one side. I’m going to pray about it all.

So I sincerely fast and prayed with as much real intent as I had and point out just all my concerns but really wanting to follow what was the right path and what was true. I didn’t know if it’s Christianity, if it’s the Church, Jesus Christ, authority, saints, or all religions wrong, but maybe there’s still something to Jesus. I was just praying about all the primary questions and I was praying, Was Joe Smith a Prophet? Are the scriptures really your word? And do I need to come back to the Church? What’s the right path for my life? And it was really a prayer of desperation and urgency and humility. And truly, I wanted to follow whatever answer was given. Even though I had a similar prayer praying about when I was 14, I interpreted, well, that was the only answer I would have expected to get was it’s true. But at this point, it was like, I will You.

Were really in a position where you were willing.

To go wherever? Yeah, I truly was. And after I was fasting and I think I said multiple prayers, I wasn’t really getting anything. And as a missioner, I would have said to people, if you want to talk to God, pray. But if God is going to talk to you, open the scriptures. And I, other than reading the Bible, I hadn’t really read the scriptures since I left. But I decided that I’m going to open the scriptures and I happened to open to Doctrine and Covenants 18. And I’ll read you one of the passages that I read. Doctrine Covenant 18, verse 33, And I said, And I, Jesus Christ, your Lord and your God, have spoken it. These words are not of men nor of man, but of me. Wherefore, you shall testify there of me and not of man, for it is my voice which speaketh them unto you, for they are given by my Spirit unto you, and by my power you can read them unto another. Wherefore, you can testify that you have heard my voice and know my words. And later in the chapter, it talks about to repent and worship the Father in my name and to keep the Commandments to be saved in the Kingdom of God.

And as I read those words, just tears streamed down my face. The Scripture said that the Spirit, like, enlightens your mind and fills your soul with joy. And that was exactly what I felt and what I experienced. And it was like the veil was rent. It was like it was God speaking directly to me. And it was like this was my answer. And it was a joy and a love and an illumination that was beyond anything I’d felt. But it was also similar to other times where I had felt the Spirit in the past, but I’d reinterpreted those experiences. But as the spiritual feelings faded away and the hours passed, I became skeptical. You still got a load.

Of issues.

To deal with. Yeah. I was skeptical and I was thinking, Hold on a wee minute. Was that really God? Was that really a revelation? Was that really him speaking to me? Maybe I just had this really heartfelt prayer, opened the scriptures, happened to read that passage. That’s a coincidence. Yeah. This really strong elevation emotion experience. I was questioning, what if that wasn’t a revelation? But at the same time, it was more powerful than any other experience I’d had. I was like, It felt like a revelation. So I went back praying again and being like, God, I’ve had this experience. If it was you speaking to me, I don’t want to deny it, but I really need to know. I don’t want to make the wrong decision. I really need to know if it’s true. Please give me a spiritual confirmation if this was really a revelation. But I still have all of this doubt and unbelief and all these issues, genuine issues. So I was praying again and I went to the scriptures. The next time I turned to Doctrine Covenant section 6, I think I can memorize or memorize this one. But it was a revelation given to Oliver Cardree through Joseph Smith.

And this just I was gobsmacked when I read these words. It said, blessed art thou for what thou hast done, for thou hast inquired of me. And behold, as often as thou hast inquired, thou has received instruction of my spirit. If it had not been so, you not be at the place where you are at this time. Behold, thy knowest, that thou knowest that thou hast inquired of me, and I didn’t enlighten thy mind. And I tell thee these things that thou mayest know thou has been lightened by the spirit of truth. And then later it goes on to say, Have I not spoken peace to your mind concerning the matter? What greater witness can you have than from God? I just got goosebumps. And as I read those words, I was just mind blown. I felt the same enlightenment and illumination in my mind. Just my heart, my soul just filled with joy and love. And there’s no tears this time, but it was like, Holy flip. I was praying for an answer, but I wasn’t expecting. It seemed so direct. It was like it was God confirming that this was a spiritual revelation.

This is my spirit speaking unto you. You’ve been lightened by the Spirit of truth. What greater witness can you have than from God? You know that you inquire to me. It just seemed so direct. And it was like I knew in the moment it was revelation. But the same process happened later that day as the spiritual feelings fade away. I started to be critical about it. Was this just a coincidence? And elevation and emotion was this really God? And I went back and read the C S letter and I went back to God and I was like, what the flip God? I was like, how are you telling me this is true? Aren’t you aware of polyandry and the Book of Abraham and Anarchism’s in the Book of Mormon and DNA. I’m like, How can you be telling me it’s true? I’m like, You must be misinformed, God. How can it be true? And partly it was annoyed that I was getting this answer because the implications that I’d have to go back and I’d made it very public, I no longer believed. And I’d have to give up coffee and alcohol and stuff, which I was enjoying a little bit as well.

And I didn’t want the answer, but at the same time, I didn’t want to deny if this was God speaking to me. But I was annoyed. Then the next day, I was flicking in the Book of Mormon and I read a passage about despising all the revelations of God and don’t seek to counsel the Lord, but receive counsel from his hands, for he counsels in justice and wisdom. I was just like, Whatever, God. I was like, You just want me to believe and come back? I’m like, Fine. And then after I hardened my heart a little bit, I rejected. I was like, If I’m going to come back, I want proof. Give me a sign. Send me the angel with the gold plates. I can accept this. I can’t believe it. And then the heavens shut for a while. I was getting just nothing. It was like man, I was coming from heaven and then just nothing.

You pushed a little too.

Far, maybe. Yeah. And then after about a week, I humbled myself and maybe realized I shouldn’t be demanding a proof or a sure sign. And as I was going through the scriptures, their scriptures talked about an evil and adulterous generation seeking the sign. And in the doctrine, covenants, I read a passage about how signs don’t produce faith, but signs follow those that believe. Faith is not to have a perfect knowledge. And really, after wrestling and going back and forth, I had to make a decision because although the spiritual experiences that I had, they felt very profound, they felt very powerful. And in a way, I think I needed more than just a good feeling to combat all the doubts and issues I had. But at the same time, it didn’t eliminate faith. I couldn’t know with 100 % certainty it definitely was. I acknowledged the possibility. Maybe I just opened the scriptures and it triggered this experience and it wasn’t the Spirit. But I also acknowledged the possibility and probability that this could have been God answering me. If I’m a betting man, I ask myself this, if I had to put my money on these experiences, my life or my soul, do I believe this was God answering my prayers?

Do I believe this was revelation or just a coincidence? And that’s when I realized that where I leaned, that I believed this was really God answering me. I asked myself, if God appeared to me in the room face to face and told me it’s true, what I believed? And I was like, obviously, if the angel came with the gold plates, what I believe? Yeah. And then I had this thought, I don’t know if it was my thought or the spur, but it was like, Why won’t you believe the spur when he tells you that it’s true? And part of it was because it still required a bit of fear. It still did not remove all of my doubts. But finally, I made the decision that I’m going to come back. I’m going to believe I’m going to have faith despite some of the issues that I have. So I decided to go back to Church and it was really tough, like the wrestle to want to go back. But I felt this urgency that I needed to go back, to not procrastinate, that I needed to go back at that time. And driving to Church that Sunday was really hard.

I drove there and then I turned around, I want to go back. And then I was like, No, you got to go. And walking through the car park and then going into the Chapel doors, it was like, I can’t believe I’m back here. But in a way, it felt like coming back to my spiritual home. And it was ward conference that day, and my state president was there, and I’d actually written him an email the night before that I was going to come back. And it was just a really happy, almost coming back moment. And everyone just welcomed me with loving arms. And it was pretty amazing, just everything that happened. There are a lot.

Of people who feel like spiritual experiences are just confirmation bias, that you want this certain answer, so that’s the answer you’re going to get. But I feel like your experience is a living contradiction of that because the answer that you wanted was that it isn’t true and that you don’t have to go back to church. But that wasn’t the answer that you got.

I didn’t realize that until after. In the prayer I said before the experiences, it was like, I’ll follow whatever answer I get, whatever is the right path. But after it, I really didn’t want to go back. And it really was this wrestle between the spirits and the intellect and this struggle. And since being back, I’ve continued to have faith struggles. I did really go back to being really faithful and active. And I stopped for a time thinking or reading anything that was antagonistic. And I was listening to channels like yours and Bear Mormon and more faithful apologetic channels. And I was really getting back into studying the scriptures and conference talks and then getting my temple recommend again and trying to be faithful. But at the same time, I felt like I had a very… Although I felt I had a very sure and strong testimony for the first 22 years of my life. It was very literalistic and fundamentalist. It was very black and white. Everything a Prophet says is the mind and will of God. Everything in scriptures is God’s will his word, like God breathed, at least in the latter day scripture. And it couldn’t account for a lot of the messiness.

And whenever I encounter troubling things in Church history, that shout just crashed with the books. And although sometimes I feel like I wish my testimony could be as strong as what it was, this new shelf I’ve been given, and while there’s been times where it’s like, oh, it’s like vent, it’s like there’s a lot of books and I think it’s ready to go. And I’ve continued to have doubts and fear struggles. And with more research and dealing with things. There’s things that I’m still navigating my way through. And when it’s been close to breaking those past spiritual experiences that I share with you, they’ve been my rock. They’re almost like a boulder in my path. You know the talk by Elder Holland where he says to leave the church, you have to crawl under or over around the Book of Mormon? I feel that way about these experiences I had. It’s a boulder in my path. But I’ve also had other spiritual experiences where I felt like my shelf has been ready to go and I prayed, exercise, faith, and it’s like God’s given just a little screw in there. He’s all taking off many books, but another screw just to keep that shelf up and going.

So yeah, that pretty much sums up my faith journey of why I left the Church and the things that happened in my life that caused me to come back and the experiences that I had and why I came back to the Church and why I believe again.

Steven, thank you for joining us today. There’s more to talk about with your story, but.

We’re going to.

Save it for part two. We’re going to do a second part of this interview so that people can see the rest of your story. We’re going to talk more about you and your wife, before she was your wife, and some of the challenges that you guys faced as you were trying to get married. And we’ll talk more about your YouTube channel and what prompted that and your story there. So everyone watching, thank you so much for joining us for part one. If you have questions for Steven, you can drop him a comment in his YouTube channel or you can find him on Facebook under Steven Murphy. And what was your email again? It was steven.

Murphy0403 1996@gmail. Com.

Awesome. Steven, thank you so much for being with us, everyone watching. We will see you for part two.



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