VIDEO: Huge news coverage for 1820 The Musical on KSL 5 TV!

VIDEO: Huge news coverage for 1820 The Musical on KSL 5 TV!


Huge news coverage for 1820 The Musical on KSL 5 TV! – powered by Happy Scribe

From my father, my father Josiah Stowell.

How about that, a sneak peek at a new play about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, the award winning director and writer, has some big goals for it. It’s called 18 20 The Musical.

Yeah, written in some ways as a counter to the Book of Mormon musical that hit Broadway as we know it. Specialist Specialisterne Rascon has a sneak peek and joins us live now from Utah County. Dan, the hope is to take this much bigger than Provo, where it’s set to premiere.

Yeah, that’s right, Mike. George Nelson, who is a director, has his sights set on the Big Apple, if all goes well here in Utah Valley. But at this time, it all depends, again, as to what happens here. And right now, things are looking pretty positive for this play that is just one month away from opening up.

OK, let’s rock and roll.

Award winning director George Nelson.

This one feels better than that.

One has taken on an incredible task. Chest high, right, and direct, a Broadway quality musical about Joseph Smith and his wife, Emma. He calls it 18 20.

The musical is the story of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ, told through the love story of Joseph A..

I love the music, I thought it was very catchy. Zach Wilson plays Joseph Smith, the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.

We see some of their weaknesses and some of their strengths and the struggles that they went through.

It’s no secret Joseph and Emma had a tough life. They lost several children and spent much of their time apart.

We’ve tried to address in a non apologetic way, really the things that Joseph has been accused of throughout his life.

That’s why George wants to take this much bigger than Utah Valley, if all goes well here, then he has a producer in Broadway that is interested.

It’s kind of been written as a counter to The Book of Mormon musical. They make fun of almost everything we believe in. And what we’ve tried to do here is say, look, these are the things that are important to us spiritually.

George has even taken on sensitive topics like polygamy.

Many people say, well, you can’t really deal with Joseph Smith and Alma without looking at the at at plural marriage and the effect it had on their relationship. We don’t back away from that.

But most of all, George is hoping for all to walk away uplifted. With a new appreciation, free to go for has been in the opening day, is set to premiere on August six and run through September 11th. Tickets are now on sale there at the Covey’s Center for the Arts in downtown Proval soundtrack. Also available on Spotify and iTunes and other music sites under 18 20, the musical Disney. Back to you.

Looks like a big production with some big goals. Dan, thanks.

Did you see the huge news coverage 1820 The Musical got on KSL 5 TV? Their camera crew got VIP access into one of our rehearsals to get the scoop on this contemporary masterpiece. Check out the full segment here!

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1820: the Musical is a contemporary musical theatre extravaganza portraying the life of Joseph and Emma Smith through the eyes of Emma.

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