Don't Miss This Come Follow Me 3 Nephi 17-19 (Sept. 28-Oct. 11) Book of Mormon

VIDEO: Don’t Miss This COME FOLLOW ME 3 NEPHI 12-16 (SEPT. 21-27) #COMEFOLLOWME WITH David AND Emily


VIDEO: Don’t Miss This COME FOLLOW ME 3 NEPHI 12-16 (SEPT. 21-27)

This week they cover:

The Character of Christ

Be the means

Who would you bring?

A discourse on ministering


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Christopher Patch5 days ago (edited)6 subscribers

I typed out Emily’s (and David’s???) beautiful “Constitution for a Happy Life”, in case you want to follow along. Start at the 9:01 mark in the video, where Emily gives a short intro and then reads this:


“When you feel you are lacking, you are blessed because you will find your abundance in Him. 

When your heart is broken, you are blessed because he will come to mend you. 

When you become content where you are, you are blessed because you will learn to see God in everything. 

When you are empty and unsatisfied, you are blessed, because He will come to fill you. 

When you offer your heart to someone in need, you are blessed because your heart will become like His. 

When you seek for the good, you are blessed because that is where you’ll find God. 

When your relationships need reconciliation, you are blessed because your Father is the giver of peace. 

When you feel like you don’t belong, you are blessed because He has already welcomed you in.”

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Jennifer Buehler16 hours ago2 subscribers

With a little help from my family

Blessed are the frustrated for they shall find peace

Blessed are the overwhelmed for they will be given strength

Blessed are the questioning for they will find answers

Blessed are the voiceless for they shall be heard

Blessed are the anxious for they will be comforted

Blessed are the depressed. He knows your heart and will lift you up

Blessed are the doubting for they will be assured.

Blessed are the broken. They will be made better, stronger, and more whole than when they began.

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Claudia Dorsey1 week ago1 subscribers

Thoreau’s cabin at Walden Pond is a replica, but, yes, Walden Pond is so lovely and we can learn so much from Thoreau’s writings about that experience.



Laurie Smith1 day ago0 subscribers

Thank you so much. My husband recently had a stroke and is numb on his left side. It has hurt my heart to see him this way though in every other way he is perfect. However, listening today I realize reason to rejoice! He has been and will continue to be blessed, (congratulated) in this process of recovery! It is helping him and me become the people God needs us to be to continue His work and our missions for Him. Thank you for helping me see this new perspective. All is well and the best IS yet to come!



Dolly Messer23 hours ago1 subscribers

” I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essentials of life to see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover I had not lived. “



Marlene Bowers1 week ago0 subscribers

I listened twice today. It was that good for me. Excited for the deep dive!



Christopher Patch1 week ago (edited)6 subscribers

Time Stamps:


00:00  Welcome 

00:32  Intro to 3 Nephi 12-16

02:35  The Upside-Down Kingdom: a discussion on The Beatitudes

06:01  3 new Beatitudes (3 Nephi 12, verses 1-2)

08:05  3 Nephi 12, verses 3-12

09:01  The Beatitudes in modern language: “Constitution for a Happy Life” (I typed it out in a separate comment, in case you want to follow along)

11:25  What does life in God’s Kingdom look like?

12:37  Emily’s story of her dad being called as a Mission President

13:44 “Stretching”, a poem (posted in this week’s newsletter )

15:09  The Savior’s invitation to live a higher law

15:53  Compare Matthew 5 verse 48 with 3 Nephi 12 verse 48

16:42  Study Tip: Which Beatitude Taps on Your Heart? + Discussion on Inward, not Outward

19:01  See the Board

20:37  Example of living the higher law

21:16  3 Nephi 14 verses 1-2

21:34  Sidebar: David’s story of his mother

22:07  Back to 3 Nephi 14 verse 2

23:11  “Forgiveness Flour”, a poem by Marguerite Stewart (link in this week’s newsletter )

24:26  Discussion on forgiveness within the Savior’s higher law

26:34  The Lord’s Prayer: After This Manner Pray Ye (3 Nephi 13 verse 9)

27:17  3 Nephi 12 verses 3, 19, 20, 23-24 (emphasis: Come unto Christ)

28:04  3 Nephi 12 verses 38-44

29:40  3 Nephi 15 verses 5 and 9

30:56  3 Nephi 13 verse 24

31:54  Living Intentionally: 3 Nephi 14 verse 14

32:36  Emily’s story of visiting Walden Pond

33:35  Quote from Henry David Thoreau

35:21  The Lord is Growing Us

36:24  Conclusion: How do you give something to the Lord?

38:32  Preview of next week’s lesson

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Olympia Hearth5 hours ago0 subscribers

Hi! I am a high school student, and I have started listening to these in my free time. I can tell how they are/were seminary teachers in the way that they teach, and they’re amazing! My younger siblings love you guys ?



L MC1 week ago0 subscribers

Thank you both again for another amazing Monday morning gospel teaching. I love to start off my week with your spiritual teachings. You have my thumbs up!!! Really…who gives this a thumbs down…not me. Loving you both in Texas!



AMS20 hours ago6 subscribers

I love these stories that David interjects from his childhood.  Awesome!


Phillip Miller1 day ago0 subscribers

Thanks for the lesson this week.  My wife and I enjoy hearing your thoughts and insights.

You mentioned your New Testament lessons.  Could you share a link to those?


Phillip Miller

Katy, Texas

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Angela McKellar1 day ago0 subscribers

Love this so much, thank you



Alexander Jones1 week ago0 subscribers

Hi! Thanks again for another one! Really been enjoying these since about 2 weeks ago. I haven’t been into the B.O.M. long but I know enough about it to completely rearrange my doctrine in the Bible towards it, so it’s been a blessing to watch you’re channel and teachings ??



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Diane Afoa6 days ago0 subscribers

phenomenal !!  Thank you for your time and insights.  I have never understood the Book of Mormon (New Testament) like this.  THANK YOU and BLESSINGS to you both.



Orielle6 days ago0 subscribers

I can’t find the poem from the Ensign.  Any chance you could post a link?



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Stuart Rennie1 day ago0 subscribers

Grrreat lesson,  thank you



Happy Latter-day Saint6 days ago310 subscribers

We love you guys! Thanks for all the work you put into these. God bless!!




Trailmarker Three6 days ago2 subscribers

I needed this today. Thank you.



Rachel Murdock3 minutes ago0 subscribers

Thank you for the link to the Madison Sowell talk. What a beautiful  message, and the poem was so wonderful. It touched me today.


Doreen Dickson1 week ago2 subscribers

Thank you for all you do!



Shirley Hill1 day ago0 subscribers

This is great! Where did the quote come from that you read about being blessed?


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Harmony Woodrome4 days ago0 subscribers

Awesome Thank you??



Ca Bo23 hours ago1 subscribers



Annette Ludlow6 days ago0 subscribers

Can you post somewhere what you read and or wrote about being blessed? It’s at minute 9:29 in this video if you don’t know what I’m talking about.


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Aliesha Arrington6 days ago0 subscribers

Can you please link the stretching poem somewhere? I can’t seem to find it.


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Marlene Bowers5 days ago0 subscribers

Emily. The poem your mom gave you in your journals about teaching and stretching is something @eva Timonty could make an inspirational piece over. You might want to share it with her now that you know who she is ?. Just a thought I had.



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