Doctrine and Covenants study and teaching helps for all ages!  They fill these downloadable kits with more than you can use so that you can choose the best things for you and your family.  You will have access to digital files every week that you can download then print however many copies you need.

A Companion to your Come, Follow Me study

With this subscription you will always receive:

  • Study Pages (includes explanations, insights, marking suggestions, tips, scripture glue-ins, journaling pages, etc. for every chapter)
  • Bedtime Stories (illustrated scripture stories for children – includes engaging questions and activities under each picture)
  • Activity Pages and Marking Guides (help children dive into their own scriptures and learn scripture skills with these helps)
  • Doctrine and Covenants Collectible Coins
  • Coloring pages, Review activities, illustrated glue-ins, scripture art prints, and more!

*NOTE:  This subscription automatically changes to the new book of scripture covered in the Come, Follow Me curriculum at the start of each new year.


*The weekly subscription kits expire.  Please login and download each kit before expiration.  See below for more information.

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