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A Guided Meditation for When the Stock Market Is Dropping – powered by Happy Scribe

A guided meditation for when the Stock Market is dropping.

By J. L. Collins

Welcome to this guided meditation for your journey to financial financial freedom.

Let’s begin.

Find a comfortable place to sit.

Breathe in and out.

Settle into your space. Now slowly close your eyes. Or perhaps hold them half open and unfocused.

Breathe in and out.

Focus on the sound of my voice.

Breathe in and out.

If you are listening to this, you.

Are working on building your wealth with.

Regular investments into Btsax or a similar total stock market index fund.

Or perhaps you are retired and have a portfolio balanced between VTSAX and VBTLX.

Or a similar total bond market index.

Fund to smooth the ride.

Now the stock market has taken a dip.

Or perhaps it has dropped about 20%.

Into what is called bear market territory.

Or perhaps it has even crashed further. Or you are worried it will.

For the purposes of our time together, let’s assume it has.


Focus on the sound of my voice.

Breathe in and out.

In this relaxed state, let’s acknowledge what.

You might be feeling.

Perhaps you are afraid after all, you.

Are hearing the voices of panic all around you. Perhaps your stomach is clenched and your.

Nerves are beginning to fray. Now allow those fears and tensions to.

Melt away as we focus on what we know as index investors. That is.

The ride may be volatile, but the market always goes up over time. Turn off all the screens. Put down all the newspapers.

Tune out the voices of panic, especially.

Those in your head.

Step away from the noise.

Gather all those fears and tensions, and on your next exhale, breathe them out. Feel your stresses release and drift away.

Take a deep breath. Exhale.

Relax. Focus only on the sound of my voice. Everything is going to be all right.

The talking heads are wrong, as they always are. The stock market is not going to end.

The world is not going to end.

Everything is going exactly as we expected.

This is all the perfectly natural part of the process. Market drops, bear markets, crashes are all to be expected. They are a perfectly natural part of the process.

We have been expecting this one.

We know what to do.


We do nothing.

We know deep in our minds, deep in our gut, this is natural and.

It will naturally pass.

When it does, the market will resume its relentless rise. We simply wait.

We do nothing.

These periodic expected natural drops are what.

We accept as part of our wealth building journey. They are a part of the path. They are what lead to the long term gains we seek. They are welcome.

Everything is okay. Everything is as it should be.

You are going to be fine. Your money is right where it should be. You are right where you should be.

This too will pass. The market will rise again. The market will fall. Then the market will go up again. It is like breathing.

Up and down.

This is natural.

This is to be expected. With each breath you grow stronger. With each market cycle, your wealth grows stronger.

This is the way of things.

In your mind’s eye.

Zoom out now. Zoom out beyond this day, this week.

This month, this year, beyond this decade. Zoom out until you can see the.

Big picture envision the historical trend of the index.

You can see it.

It grows and then it dips. But it always recovers to new heights over time.

It climbs and climbs and climbs.

You know this. You have seen this.

You are on this trajectory.

Your money is growing.

And you don’t have to change a.


If you are working and building.

Your wealth, keep adding to your investments as before.

You are buying them now on sale.

If you are living off your portfolio.

And now holding bonds, here is the opportunity you have been holding those bonds.

For when you rebalance your portfolio.

That money flowing from those bonds into stocks is buying those stocks on sale.

You are unconcerned with this temporary dip.

In the price of your shares. You know you still have the same number of shares as before. You still own the same piece of all those productive companies in the index. You still have all those people in all those companies from the factory floor to the CEO working to make you richer. And now, with this wonderful market drop, you can buy still more of those shares on sale.

Perhaps you even adjust your spending to free up more money to take advantage.

Of this wonderful opportunity.

Continue to buy as much Btsax as.

You can, as often as you can, and hold on to it forever.

You will be fine.

Stay the course. You are doing just fine. The market is fine. This is all very normal. This is all entirely expected. All that panic is only for media ratings.

It is not real. The end is not here.

This is but a pause in the market’s relentless rise.

Nothing more.

Stay the course. Keep calm. Keep it simple.

Keep investing.

Stay invested.

Ignore the noise.

Let it drift away on the breeze.

Now slowly open your eyes.

Notice the world around you. Everyone who loved you before the market.

Drop still loves you.

The earth is still rotating on its.

Axis, taking us from day to night and back again. Children still laugh and play.

Puppies still wag their tails.

The sun still shines.

The world is still a beautiful place.

And you are yet one step further.

In your journey to financial freedom.

You have met this test and you have won.

Recommit to your plan and continue confidently on your simple path to wealth.

And now go do something wonderful in this wonderful world with all you’re wonderful freedom.

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