MLH reader Blake Webster shares an excellent tip to easily remember passwords, while keeping them safe and secure, by not using the same one everywhere.

The passwords that we create for email, Facebook, bank accounts, Twitter, etc. all need to have a certain amount of letters, one capitalized letter, and a number or two as well. In order to achieve an easy to remember password, as well as one that will not be easily predicted or guessed by others, I simply use a verse of scripture as my password. At first I started using my favorite verses or chapters, for example “Mosiah217” as in Mosiah, chapter 2, verse 17. Using a password like this fulfills all the requirements mentioned above – capitalized letter, certain amount of characters and a number or two.

One day I received a reminder that I should change my password on a regular basis. At that point, I started using passwords/scripture references of verses that I wanted to memorize. I would use a new verse as my password and would continue using that password until I had it completely memorized, at which point I begin using a new scripture reference.

This solution helps me to constantly remember the scripture(s) throughout the day and prompts me to review the verse that I want to memorize.

Do you find this method useful? Do you have similar methods for creating and remembering passwords?