I think many of the iPhone 8’s new features will be revolutionary in their own way, but one area of focus stands out for me (and I think it has a lot of Gospel applications): augmented reality.

The iPhone 8 will not only be the first AR-optimized iPhone, it’ll likely be the first mass-market smartphone ever to include advanced features focused on augmented reality technology.

The iPhone 8 will launch in the fall alongside ARKit, a development toolset that’ll turn iOS into the largest AR-capable platform in the world.

Rumor has it that the flagship Apple device will come equipped with advanced rear-facing lasers that’ll help enhance the AR experience.

Apple seems to be doubling down on AR in general — including working on a smartphone-powered AR headset — so it’s a pretty safe bet that future iPhones will be manufactured AR-ready.

Imagine . . .

Church historic sites can be experienced from anywhere in the world!

Missionary applications will abound as Elders and Sisters augment teaching with true experiential opportunities for those learning about the Gospel!



How can you imagine AR being best utilized by the Church? Comment below!