The 2021 Luz de las Naciones (Light of the Nations) Program | Promoting Hope and Endurance During Difficult Times

The 2021 Luz de las Naciones (Light of the Nations) Program | Promoting Hope and Endurance During Difficult Times

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is hosting its annual international display of Latino culture this Saturday at 7 p.m. MST via virtual broadcast (see how to watch below).The cultural celebration, Luz de las Naciones (Light of the Nations in English) will feature a cast of hundreds of volunteer singers and dancers, many of whom will perform in traditional clothing from cultures and countries throughout Latin America.

With the theme “A Light for Everyone,” the cast and crew will share messages about hope and endurance amid trial and challenge.

“[The theme is] a message in itself because we need that light or even a glimpse of light of hope in these turbulent days,” said Elder Walter F. González, a General Authority Seventy and member of the Utah Area Presidency.

This year, along with traditional musical performances, a contemporary urban dance number was added to the program.

Alex Melecio, a soloist in the production, has performed in Luz de las Naciones since 2007. He said what started because of his love of music and performance has become a cherished family tradition. This year, his five kids will perform in the event.

“You know, I think music is just part of our DNA,” he said. “I think through music, we’re able to communicate feelings that you can’t in any other way, and you can also relate to those feelings when other people express those things.”

Viewers can look forward to Latin American music and dance styles, colorful clothing and lots of excitement in this year’s program.

When asked about her participation in the event, Bella Siller said, “I feel like it helps me understand my culture, and it helps me share it with others.”

Volunteers of all ages are participating in the event and encourage everyone to watch the broadcast, listen to the messages and feel the passion that goes into these performances.

The broadcasted event, “Luz de las Naciones: A Light for Everyone,” will be available for streaming on Saturday, November 20, at 7 p.m. MST.

Where to Watch:

YouTube (English)

YouTube (Spanish)

YouTube (Portuguese)


Facebook (Spanish)


Church Broadcast Page (English)

Church Broadcast Page (Spanish)

Church Broadcast Page (Portuguese)

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